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Coastal 101

Fence Building Roundup: From Planning to Installation and Beyond

April 23, 2022

Your West Coast-owned and operated Coastal carries everything you need to build, mend, and maintain the perfect fence. We’ve rustled up some of our most popular fence articles in this week’s how-to roundup.



Fencing 101: Start with the basics

From installation and planning to maintenance and moving, there are plenty of fence topics out there. This article covers some of the basics.

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Fence Building Basics

Running fence over several acres or even miles requires thought, planning and effort. Whether you’re new to fence building or a pro, we’ve put together some tips to help get yours done right.

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The “Basic” Fine Art of Fence

In this quick article, we examine today’s basic fence options and why people choose them.

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Maintaining Your Electric Fence

A good electric fence can keep livestock safe, be moved with relative ease to create paddocks, and always looks great.

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Coastal 101 - Building A Fence Corner

Building a strong corner is a crucial factor in a sturdy fence. That’s because corners hold the most amount of tension. Built properly, they can keep your fence standing for years to come.

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The Benefits of Panels and Mesh Fencing

Few fence options are as versatile, portable, and cost-effective as panels and steel fencing. This article takes a quick look at the benefits for your country or suburban homestead.

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Coastal 101: Installing a Straight Fence

A straight fence is one of life’s great joys. The crew with Creekside Fencing met up with the Coastal team to share some quick tips and how-to advice to ensure your next fence goes up strong and straight.

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Coastal 101: Different Ways to Install Fence Posts

Anytime you’re installing fence posts, you have a few options to secure them in place. The crew with Creekside Fencing met up with the Coastal team to share some of the best ways to install fence posts on your property.

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Coastal 101: Tips for Hanging a Gate

One of the staples around any farm or ranch is the gate. The crew with Creekside Fencing is working with Coastal to show you how to properly hang a gate.

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Coastal Knows Fencing

Your West Coast-owned and operated Coastal has all the fencing materials you need to get your project done right. That includes knowledgeable people who’ve built their own fences and can answer all your questions along the way. Stop by and pick up everything you need, including some free advice.