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The Benefits of Panels and Mesh Fencing

May 12, 2017

There are a lot of fencing options available to keep your livestock in and unwanted guest out. But few are as versatile, portable, and cost effective as panels and steel fencing. Today we’re taking a quick look at the benefits for your country or suburban homestead.

Make Ranching and Farming Easier

Ready-made Panels often come in 16-foot lengths that can be linked together to make a quick paddock, corral, and more. There are also gate panels to suit the toughest ranch conditions. Additionally, panels are relatively lightweight, easy to set up with t-posts and wire, and can be cost effective. With just four panels, you can create a good-size space.

While the benefits outweigh the negatives, there are a few cons to point out. First, panels are not as easy to transport when compared to mesh wire or rolls of wire fencing. You’ll need a trailer that’s at least 16-feet long. And second, while you can lift and install panels alone, it is a lot easier with two people.

Versatile, Strong, and Attractive

Whether you’re installing cattle fence or hog wire panels, mesh wire fencing offers some amazing benefits. These fences come in slightly rigid (yet bendable) panels or rolls. The two most popular options are the diamond and square formations.

These fencing options are most often used around corrals, small crop areas, feed lots, as well as areas for rabbits, chickens and other smaller livestock. They can even be used to create a wonderful dog kennel. If you have horses, this could be an option for you. That’s because the mesh is often small enough so that horse hooves cannot get caught in the openings.

Rigid panels are easy to install between t-posts, are great for any terrain (including hills), can be cut-to-fit almost any need, and can be placed inside a wooden frame for added aesthetics. And because the panels are galvanized, they will survive the harshest conditions.

While mesh fencing can be expensive compared to other options, the initial cost will be offset quickly by its low maintenance.

Fencing for Suburbia

Full-length panels are best suited for the country, but mesh panels are quickly becoming a favorite for city dwellers. Wire can be used to beautify deck railing, to create a boxed in garden area, and more.

Coastal Tip: To create wire fencing, simply use 4x4 pressure-treated posts as your anchor, then secure your wire panels to the posts. To hide the staples or nails, run a 2x4 down your anchor posts.  

Coastal Knows Fencing

Stop by your local Coastal Farm & Ranch and tell us about your fencing needs, including fence post drivers. Our people will show you all of your options, share the pros and cons of each, and help you plan the installation process. If you need someone to install it for you, we can put you in touch with people we know and trust.