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Coastal 101 | April 19, 2020

Coastal 101: Installing a Straight Fence

Tips for Installing a Straight Fence

A straight fence is one of life’s great joys, especially for country folk. The crew with Creekside Fencing met up with the Coastal team to share some quick tips and how-to advice to ensure your next fence goes up strong and straight.  

John works with Creekside Fencing to install a straight fence on a farm in Albany, Oregon.


Simple Step-by-Step Directions

Materials Needed:

  • Fencing
  • T-posts
  • Post-pounder
  • Fence stretcher
  • Crowbar
  • Gloves
  • Heavy-duty twine or wire


Coastal Tip: The type of fencing you want to install plays a big role in the type of posts you’ll need. The folks at Coastal can help.

Sometimes old-school is the best way to go. The Creekside crew starts by tightly tying heavy-duty twine or wire right at ground level from one corner to the other. That wire is how the guys will keep the fence straight.

They’ll start by setting the wood fence posts in the corners and every 45ft. Then, they will come back and install t-post every 15ft between the wood posts.


The inside of the posts should just barely touch the wire before being pounded into the ground. They adjust as needed before getting them pounded all the way in. Once they’re sure everything is straight, they are ready for the wire.

The crew will leave the twine up until they get the first line of wire installed on the inside of the posts. To make sure the fencing is tight and won’t sag in just a couple years, the guys with Creekside Fencing use a fence stretcher.

To use a fence stretcher, open it up, connect the wire on one end and the fence corner to the other, and start pulling it tight. The slack wire is then used to secure the tightened fence. The Creekside crew tightens the wires on both ends.


Start Your Next Fence Project at Coastal

Check out our article Fence Building Basics for more on fence building. Then, get to your Northwest owned and operated Coastal where you’ll find everything you need to build a sturdy and straight fence. Plus, you’ll find the workwear you need to stay safe and comfortable while you work.
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