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Coastal 101 | April 28, 2023

Coastal 101: Different Ways to Install Fence Posts (Video)

Different Ways to Install Fence Posts (Video)

Anytime you’re installing fence posts, you have a few options to secure them in place. The crew with Creekside Fencing met up with the Coastal team to share some of the best ways to install fence posts on your property.  

Coastal 101: John and the crew at Creekside Fencing demonstrate different ways of installing fence posts.


Fence Post Options


If you’re only putting in a few posts, a manual post-hole digger works great. The guys at Creekside Fencing are using a fence-post driver. These posts are ready to go the minute they go into the ground.


If you don’t have a driver, you’ll want to use a post hole digger and a tractor attachment available at Coastal.


When digging, be sure your holes are three times wider than the post. The depth of the hole should equal one-third the total height of the fence. If you’re doing a six-foot fence, your hole will need to be two feet deep.  Your post should be eight feet long.

Using concrete is another great option. First, add a few inches of gravel to your hole and then pack it down with the post. You can either mix the concert outside the hole and pour it in, or mix it right in the hole, if you have access to water.

Whatever you choose, shape the top layer of the concrete to move water away from the wood in all directions. You don’t want water to pool around the post.

Coastal tip: You have choices in concrete mixes. Fast-setting concrete doesn’t always require bracing, but can cost a bit more.

The next option is simply using leftover wood, gravel, and rocks to secure the post in place, then filling the hole with dirt. As long as you’re using pressure-treated wood, you’re fine to use this method. Just remember to always start with a few inches of gravel and pound it all down.


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