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Product Spotlight | October 2, 2021

Products We Love: Wrangler Smartwatches

Smartwatch Technology Wrangler Android Leather Fashion Style

A good wristwatch can say a lot about you. Are you the type of person who values time, fashion, or both? Now, you can get a watch that reflects your personality and integrates with your iPhone or Android smartphone. The Wrangler smartwatch is one of the latest items we love at Coastal.

What Makes Wrangler Smartwatches Tick? 

Wrangler smartwatches are the perfect combination of country and touchscreen technology that pairs with your smartphone. Every Wrangler smartwatch will alert you of incoming calls, new emails, texts, and social media posts. You can even use it as a camera and music remote, stopwatch, and 15-day weather tool. Plus, you can track your exercise (including calories burned, steps taken, and more), heart rate and oxygen monitor, as well as sleep pattern information.

Depending on the model you choose, you’ll get a brown or black leather band made in the USA. There’s even a turquoise option for the ladies. And the watch hardware, available in antique silver or yellow gold, features a rope design bezel.

When it comes to battery life, the Wrangler smartwatch hogties the competition with up to a 24-day battery life on some models. That’s nearly a month of use on a single charge using the included USB magnetic charger.


Wrangler 45mm Rectangular Antique Gold with Rivet Smartwatch

The 37mm x 45mm rectangular smartwatch brings Wrangler style to your wrist. Comes with a genuine leather brown strap and a rope and nail design face.

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Wrangler 45mm Rectangular Antique Gold and Turquoise Stitch Smartwatch

Coming in at 37mm x 45mm, this version of the Wrangler smartwatch is a true western fashion statement. Comes standard with up to 7 watch face options.

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Wrangler 47mm Round Antique Gold Smartwatch

It’s not everyday you see a round-face smartwatch. Wrangler has created one that works flawlessly with your smartphone and looks great with any outfit. Includes up to 15 watch faces and weeks of battery life.

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Wrangler 45mm Rectangular Antique Gold and Turquoise Floral Smartwatch 

Combining subtle hints of turquoise with today’s smartwatch technology is all in a day’s work for Wrangler. Put one on your wrist and enjoy up to 7 watch faces and weeks of battery life.

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Put Wrangler on Your Wrist

You’ll find Wrangler Smartwatches at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. Stop by and try one on. We think you’ll agree these really are innovative, stylish, and country enough to keep the most discerning cowboy or cowgirl one step ahead of their busy life.

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