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Country Lifestyle | March 28, 2021

Men's Denim Fit Guide - Picking the right pair of Jeans

Picking the Right Pair of Jeans

If you’re wearing a pair of jeans right now, you’re not alone. The average American owns seven pairs of jeans. And the denim used for those pants, which was first invented in Genoa (pronounced Jean), Italy in the 1500s, has become synonymous with country life. But how do you decide on the right jeans for you or the guy in your life? We’ve put together some basics to help.

When Jacob David and Levi Strauss invented the first pair of jeans, they probably didn’t know they would be shaping the fashion and work world for generations to come. Nor did they know there would be so many options, from skinny to boot cut, low-rise to button fly.

Start with Sizing

Before you try on a pair of jeans, it’s important to take a few measurements. You need your waist size in inches and your inseam in inches.

First, measure around your waist from the mid to upper hip bone. Be sure to leave some wiggle room. Keep in mind, this is different from the measurement a doctor will take for your waist, which is measured between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips.

To get the length, just use a pair of your current jeans that fit well. However, be sure the length is not too short or long. This means, when barefoot, your jeans barely touch the top of your foot and kiss the floor in the back. Once you find that fit, take the jeans off and measure from the crotch to the bottom of the inside leg of the pants.

With those two numbers, you’re one step closer to finding the right pair of jeans.


The Rise is Important

Every pair of jeans has a specific rise, which is an important factor in picking the right jeans. The rise is the distance from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. The rise determines where the waistband will sit on your body.

There are three main types of rises, including low-rise (sits well below the belly button), medium or mid-rise (waistband skims the belly button), and high-rise (worn above the belly button).


Pick the Style that’s Right for Your Body and Job

A quick trip to the jeans section at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal and you’ll quickly discover there are a lot of style options available from all the jean makers. While every manufacturer has their own take on these styles, there are some basics that can help narrow your choices, which could mean less time in the fitting room.

Slim Jeans: A lot of guys like slim jeans. They’re both form-fitting and offer movement and comfort in the seat. Additionally, they are slim through the thigh and offer a narrow leg opening.

Straight/Regular Jeans: These are the tried and true blues. They really are perfect for almost any body type or activity.

Skinny Jeans: If you’ve ever wanted to pour yourself into a pair of jeans, skinny is your style. These offer a low to mid rise and a tight fit around the knee, ankle, seat, and thigh.

Boot Cut Jeans: As the name implies, these jeans offer more room from the knee to the cuff to allow room for a pair of boots. They are also more comfortable in the seat and thigh than a lot of other styles.

Relaxed/Loose: Offer more room in the seat and thigh, and a loose feel in the legs. These are perfect for bigger guys.

Mens DenimFitChart.png

The chart is just a reference. To find the right fit, try on several styles. The jeans you pick should stay up without a belt and allow you to move easily.

Do Jeans Shrink?

When you wash a new pair of unwashed jeans for the first time, expect them to shrink by up to 1-inch in the waist and inseam. Pre-shrunk jeans will stretch up to 1-inch around the waist after you wear them a dozen times or more.


You’ll Find Aisles of Jeans at Coastal

We carry the top brands in every shape, size, and style you can imagine. Stop by your Northwest owned and operated Coastal and try on a pair or two (or seven), and discover your new pair of go-to jeans. Just be sure to ask yourself two questions: Are they comfortable and do you like the way you look? If you answer yes to both, you may have found the right pair.
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