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Country Lifestyle

Western Fashion Tips for Men

July 24, 2021

There’s a bit of a difference between what cowboys wore on the range and what we saw Gene Autry or Roy Rogers wear in the movies. Thankfully, today’s western fashions aren’t quite as frilly or over the top. But what is the best western look for you? We’ve put together some tips to help you put some western fashion into your wardrobe.

Keep it Simple

Western wear can include hats and shirts, coats, pants, accessories and boots. Typically, blue jeans, a cowboy hat, a leather belt and a large or ornate buckle, along with cowboy boots and a shirt with western design and other elements, such as pearl snap fasteners, encapsulate the western look for men. To achieve the right look for any occasion, it’s best to choose one or two western pieces instead of going 100% western.

Mingling a pair of jeans with cowboy boots, a t-shirt and baseball hat is perfectly acceptable for a barbecue or rodeo. Mix and mingle until you find the right look, including a cowboy hat with jeans and hiking boots.

Add Western Touches

A leather vest or cowboy pattern-lined jacket goes with almost any outfit and can add a bit of western flair. The right belt buckle, tee with a fun western saying or style on it, or a simple western shirt can also be a nice, easy look. Even adding a western-inspired case to your smartphone or a western-style leather watchband can give your attire a western feel. Other accents include bolo ties and western wallets. Two items you might want to avoid are chaps and studs, unless you’re a working cowboy. Bandanas are another workers-only fashion choice.

Get the Right Pair of Boots

We’ve talked about how to find the right pair of western boots, including finding the right fit, but it’s also important to choose a style that works for you and what you’re trying to achieve. Some boots include a lot of western details, which can be nice. But there are also toned-down boots that are best for work.

Do You Need a Cowboy Hat?

The short answer is yes. Every guy needs a cowboy hat. But not every occasion or destination requires one. Fact is, today’s cowboy hats weren’t a thing until the late 1800s, when the Stetson became popular. Before that, men wore bowler hats or sombreros. Today, guys tend to steer toward baseball hats with a western or American flair. But when it comes to choosing your cowboy hat, you’ll have a choice between wool, felt, leather, or straw. Popular styles include the cattleman, pinched front, derby, and gambler. Pick the one you like best but be sure you also get the right size. It should fit snug so that it doesn’t fly off with a gust of wind, but not be so tight that you feel uncomfortable.

Go Cowboy at Coastal  

Your Northwest owned and operated Coastal has all the cowboy attire you need to add some western to your wardrobe. Come on by and find the perfect boots, hat, shirts, pants, and other western wear today and go home with everything you need for a night on the town or a day on the ranch.