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Country Lifestyle | August 7, 2021

Top Myths About Cowboy Boots

The history of cowboy-style boots dates back to the early 16th century. Back then, vaqueros wore specialized riding boots that later found their way to the Americas. The American-style cowboy boot became popular by the 1850s. While those boots were never intended to provide adequate protection from snake bites, they were designed for horseback riding, comfort, and to withstand a hard-day’s work. Today's boots from brands like Ariat are ideal for work, play, and special occasions. Here are a handful of other cowboy boot myths to consider as you ponder your first or next pair of boots.

Only Cowboys Can Wear Cowboy Boots – WRONG!

Cowboy boots have been a mainstay throughout the west and beyond for generations. Today, cowboys aren’t just men and women who ride horses, work the land, or care for livestock. They’re everyday folks who put in the long hours to provide for their families, whether that’s in construction, at an office, or on the ranch. When you pull on a good-fitting pair of cowboy boots, you are part of the American fabric that loves the land and the ideals for which this nation stands.

You Cannot Clean Cowboy Boots – WRONG!

While you cannot just hose off a pair of cowboy boots and expect them to last for years, using a good leather cleaner and a soft cloth along with small amounts of water can keep your boots clean and looking new. Just stay away from alkaline soaps and cleaners, and air dry your boots once you’re done cleaning them.

New Cowboy Boots Will Hurt Your Feet Until You Break Them In – WRONG!

Even new cowboy boots should not be uncomfortable. They are designed to be worn all day on the farm, ranch, or worksite. And then worn again for a night on the town. Check out our video on finding the right fit for your next pair of western boots.

All Cowboy Boots are the Same – WRONG!

Whether it’s your first or next pair of cowboy boots, get set for a lot of choices. Not only are there different leathers used in different boots, but there are different soles (including rubber and leather), toes, shaft heights, heels (riding or walking), linings, and venting options. Today’s boots are designed to fit your needs and keep your feet comfortable.

You Can Never Properly Size Cowboy Boots – WRONG!

Ask anyone who works the land or has worn cowboy boots for a while, and they’ll tell you that cowboy boots are some of the most comfortable and useful footwear available. By choosing the right pair of boots, you’ll enjoy comfort on the job or on the town.

Here are some quick tips to properly size your next pair of cowboy boots:

  • Before trying on a pair, take the insole out and stand on it. If your foot fits on the insole, and there is about a thumb width from your longest toe to the front of the insole, you’ll fit in the boots.
  • Use the pull tabs to try on any pair of boots. As you pull them on, you’ll hear and feel a little heel pop. That mean you have a proper fit.
  • As you walk, you do want the heel to slip just a little, but not more than 1/8th of an inch.



Get Your Cowboy Boots at Coastal  

Your Northwest owned and operated Coastal has one of the biggest selections of boots and footwear in the Northwest, including brand names like Ariat, Justin, Durango and many more. Stop by and try on a pair or two and go home with everything you need for a comfortable day on the job or on the town.

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