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Product Spotlight | Country Kitchen

Choosing Cast Iron or Nonstick

May 15, 2019

While it might not be worthy of a philosophical debate, there are strong feelings about cookware – specifically, when it comes to cast iron versus nonstick. Which one is right for you and your cooking techniques? For most of us, both come in handy. Here’s why.

Cast Iron is the King

When you buy a Lodge Cast Iron skillet or similar cookware, it’s going to last forever if you take care of it. As a company, Lodge has survived two World Wars, seen the world change in countless ways, and still creates the same, solid product. The only difference is that Lodge cast iron cookware is available pre-seasoned to make life a bit easier.

Plus, cast iron is incredibly versatile. Here at Coastal, we love cast iron so much that we’ve covered it in articles, from our Coastal 101: Seasoning and Caring for Cast Iron, to features on American Made Lodge Cast Iron, as well as how-to recipes that feature the sturdy cookware.

Cast Iron Griddle Camp Breakfast

Boy Scout Dutch Oven Pizza

Back Country Biscuits & Gravy

Firehouse Traeger Lasagna

Shepherd’s Pie

Wild West Cobbler

No Knead Rosemary Parmesan Skillet Bread

Nonstick is Very Popular

In sheer numbers, nonstick outsells cast iron. It’s estimated that seven out of every ten skillets and other cookware sold in the U.S. are nonstick.

Nonstick shines when it comes to cooking eggs and fish, stir-fry recipes, pancakes, grilled cheese and any other recipe where delicate ingredients and a non-stick cooking surface are a vital part of the recipe. However, even the best nonstick cookware must be replaced every handful of years as the coating scratches off. Cast iron, by comparison, gets better with age.

Comparison Chart

We’ve compiled a quick comparison of the two types of cookware. Both have their advantages, which is why many cooks have a combination of both in their kitchen.


Coastal Carries Cast Iron (and more)

Stop by your Northwest owned and operated Coastal where you’ll find a full line of Lodge Cast Iron, including the combo cooker, Dutch oven, pre-seasoned skillets, griddles, accessories, and people who know how to use them.