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Product Spotlight

American Made Lodge Cast Iron

June 28, 2018

Made in America still means something to a lot of folks. Take an informal poll and you’ll find a lot of those same people use Lodge Cast Iron cooking supplies in their kitchen, at the campsite, or anywhere dinner is being prepared for the family. Lodge has exemplified what it means to be a solid, trusted company, and that’s why they’re one of our favorites at Coastal.

In the past, we’ve given you a Quick History of Ball Mason Jars, and introducing you to Coleman’s 100 Years of Innovation. Today, it’s Lodge’s turn with a quick bit of history and some cleaning and curing tips.

It probably comes as no surprise that Lodge has been crafting their cast iron heirlooms since 1896 from the small town of South Pittsburg, Tennessee. What might surprise you is that the founder, Joseph Lodge, left home when he was just 15 to travel, work, learn, and make his way in the world. He was an enterprising young man with some big ideas for his family’s future.

Fast forward 122 years. The Lodge family still runs the company from the original Tennessee town. Even the house Joseph built is inhabited by a distant relative.

While the company was originally named the Blacklock Foundry after Joseph’s friend and minister, it was renamed Lodge Manufacturing Company after a devastating fire that stopped production for just three months.

Quality that Lasts...and Last...and Lasts

Over the generations, Joseph Lodge and his family have created a legacy of quality that’s spanned two World Wars, and untold innovations such as the airplane, automobile, highways, and space exploration. During the good times, the company thrived along with America. During the down times, the company found ways to keep its workers employed, even during the Great Depression.

Pre-Seasoned and Ready to Use

Sure, cast iron isn’t necessarily high tech or innovative, but Lodge changed all that when it began pre-seasoning many of its cast iron products in 2002. That simple move changed the industry, and for many Americans, made it even easier to choose Lodge for their cookware.

How to Clean and Cure a Lodge Skillet

When Lodge first started selling its products, it coasted its cast iron in water-soluble wax to prevent rusting during shipping. Today, Lodge skillets and other products are pre-seasoned, meaning soybean oil has been baked onto the iron to prevent rust and to keep food from sticking. To keep your Lodge products looking like new for the next 100 years, just follow a few simple steps after you’re done cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  1. Add hot water

  2. Scrub (use soap if you want)

  3. Dry completely

  4. Add a teaspoon (or a bit more) vegetable or soybean oil to the inside and spread it around

  5. Proudly store your skillet until the next meal

You’ll Find Lodge at Coastal

Joseph Lodge probably didn’t know his cast iron would end up being a key ingredient in Coastal favorite recipes such as Cast-Iron Griddle Camp Breakfast or the Wild West Cobbler, but we think he’d be proud to know Americans and people around the world use his products every day. Stop by your Northwest owned and operated Coastal where you’ll find a full line of Lodge cast iron, including the combo cooker, Dutch oven, pre-seasoned skillets, griddles, and accessories.