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Cast Iron Griddle Camp Breakfast

July 9, 2016

The famously fantastic camp breakfast is easy to achieve with a griddle and some hot coals. Coastal has all manner of Lodge cast iron in stock, ready for you to make your morning masterpiece!

A word about cast iron and coals

We used a pre-seasoned Lodge cast iron griddle. There are many ways to season a cast iron before use, we've outlined the way we prefer to do it here, but as with anything to do with cooking there's more than one way to do it. The best part about pre-seasoned cast iron is you can jump straight to cooking if you're in a hurry.

Using coals is a good way to generate lots of heat, without burning up all your firewood. Not only that, using charcoal can reduce the chances of flying embers and sparks that might lead to an unexpected fire outside your cooking area. Whether you use charcoal or wood, always drown your fire completely out before packing up camp.

Start Cooking

The camp griddle breakfast is a pretty straightforward meal. We used sausage patties and links to get a little grease on our griddle. Once the meat is browned, a quick (and gentle) scrape of the griddle has you prepped and ready to make pancakes.

Leave yourself a thin coating of grease to cook your pancakes.

Speaking of grease, we like to place our griddle just a smidgen off of level so we can collect the grease in one corner. We use the grease to cook up our eggs (yep, it's true), and every once in a while a swipe of grease across the griddle keeps things from sticking.

Pour your pancake batter on the griddle when it's good and hot. When you see bubbles all through the top side of the pancake, it's time to flip. A quick, sharp shove of a thin spatula under the flapjack with have you ready to flip, Jack.

Flip your pancakes. While they're finishing up cooking, crack a couple eggs into that bacon or sausage grease you've been protecting for just the right moment. Eggs cooked in the grease will brown quickly and form a crispy edge on the whites. If you were born before the "bag phone" (predecessor to the handheld cell phone for all you youngsters out there), you'll probably remember this campfire delicacy.

Finish up your eggs and swoop it all on to a plate and head for the picnic table, it's breakfast time!

If you're headed out to the campground this summer, drop by Coastal and stock up on some Lodge cast iron, you'll be glad you did.