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How to Create an Account on

To see all the benefits of using an Account on our website,
click here.

Follow these steps to create your online Account:

Step 1: Click on “My Account” at the top of any page

Step 2: Click on “Click here to Register”

Step 3: Fill out the Account registration form (check the box to join the Coastal Country Club) and click on the “Register” button


Step 4: Look in your email inbox for a confirmation email message

Step 5: Follow the instructions in the email message to verify your Account

Step 6: After you verify the Account from the email message, login to your Account

Step 7: To see all of your Account options and information, click on “My Account” at the top of any page

What you will find

Account Dashboard

Here you will find an overview of your Profile, Addresses you have saved, Recent Orders, and Favorite Products that you can manage.

My Profile

Within your Profile, you will be able to see and manage your name, email address, account password, phone number, and home store. 

What Makes Me Country

This section can be found in the “Profile” tab. Here you can tell us more about yourself so we can provide more personalized product and blog post recommendations just for you.

My Orders

Here you can see a list of your previous orders through
Coastal Country Club Members: You will see a list of your previous purchases from both in-store and online purchases at


Under the "Favorites" tab, you will see a list of favorite products you have added by clicking on the heart icon when viewing any product on our website - just another added convenience for your online shopping.

Address Book

You can store one or more shipping addresses for online orders.

Payment Methods

Here you can save one or more credit cards for online purchases, saving you time during each purchase checkout.

Rewards Club

In this section, you can view your current Club Points and Reward Dollars balance (may take up to 48 hours to update after purchase). If you aren’t already a member of our Coastal Country Club rewards program, click here to learn more.