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Benefits of Creating and Using a Account

Here are the top 6 benefits of signing up for a Account. If you are ready to create an Account, learn how.

   Coastal Country™ Club - Join & Track:
My Account holders can join our Coastal Country Club rewards program. Earn Reward Dollars just for
   shopping in-store or online. View your current Club Points and Reward Dollars online anytime.

   Review Order History:
 No more scrolling through emails to find your online order details, shipping dates, etc. You can find it all in My Account.

   Saved Credit Card(s): Save one or more credit cards to pay for online orders. You won’t have to waste time searching for the right card. You
   won’t have to strain to read the numbers that inevitably rub off, or worry about typos in the card numbers.

   Saved Shipping Addresses: This might be the best thing to happen to online shopping since the Internet met Credit Card. In My Account, you can
   save multiple shipping addresses, making holiday shopping for everyone on your list a breeze! 

   Favorite Products:
Easily save products to your favorites list with a single heart click. Then, just check back on your favorites list in My Account to
   find the product, view the price, and more. 

  Personalized Experience:
Tell us more about yourself in the "What Makes Me Country" section of the My Account Profile, and next year we will
  provide you with personalized products and blog post recommendations.