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Inflation Busters: Fabric Dryer Balls

February 6, 2022

Saving money is a must for every family, especially when the economy affects everyday life. We chatted with Greta about some of her favorite inflation busters and how everyone can easily save money at home. This week’s money saver is fabric dryer balls.

How Much Can You Save?

With a little over $20 in supplies and an hour of work, you can save upwards of $100 on your utility bill per year by using three to four drier balls with every load of laundry. Plus, you’ll save money on fabric softener. And because each dryer ball has a 1,000 use lifespan, you’ll likely get five or more years out of each one, adding up to over $500 in savings.

How do They Work?

By bouncing around in the dryer, the balls separate wet clothing that might otherwise stick together and dry more slowly. This bouncing speeds up the drying time by 25%. Plus, the balls also act as a natural fabric softener by releasing steam during the last minutes of the drying cycle.

Coastal tip: add some scent to your laundry by adding up to three drops of your favorite essential oil to each dryer ball.


How to Make Fabric Dryer Balls

  • Here’s what you’ll need to make four, slightly smaller-than-a-softball-sized drier balls.
  • 100% Wool Yarn (remnants work just as well as a new ball by tying them together)
  • Old pair of nylons
  • Pot of boiling water

First, wrap some of the yarn around your index and middle fingers to start the ball. Then, undo the loop you’ve made snf start winding the yarn around itself until you’ve created a tightly wound ball.


For best results, the ball should be larger than a baseball, but smaller than a softball.

Cut the yarn.


Tuck the end of the yarn under several layers so it will stay in place.


Stick each ball into an old nylon. This will keep them from coming apart while you “cure” them.


Tie a knot between each ball as you put them into the nylon. Tie a knot on the end to keep them in place.

Put them into your pot of boiling water for five minutes.

Throw them into your drier and run until dry.

Repeat those last two steps four or five times. On the final drying cycle, put the balls in with a set of towels.

Take your dryer balls out of the nylon and add them to your laundry routine.

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