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Creating a Quick and Effective Dog Run

April 8, 2023

Corral or fence panels have long been a mainstay of country life. They’re a great way to keep livestock in and unwanted guests out. Now, you can apply that same idea to your suburban country lifestyle and dog ownership with kennel panels. We have some tips to get yours started.

Where will Your Dogs Roam?

Decide where you want to contain your furry friends. Then measure the area where you’ll need to add fencing.

Instead of spending the weekend building a cedar or chain-link fence, employ panels instead. Behlen kennel panels are four feet wide by five feet tall. Gate panels are the same size, but give you access to the area with a pre-built door. We ran panels from the house to the good-neighbor fence to create a dog run on the side of the home. All it took were three kennel panels and one gate panel. The home’s original fence contained the dogs on the other end.


Dog Kennel Fencing