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Make Your Own Stock Tank Swimming Hole

June 9, 2017

There are a lot of ways to beat the summertime heat, but nothing quite compares to a nice dip in a cool pool of water. Only problem is, installing a backyard pool can cost thousands. Instead, pick up a stock tank and turn it into your backyard swimming hole. It’s an easy do-it-yourself project that has become very popular in the last few years.

Making Room in Your Yard

First thing you need is a level (or nearly level) location. Add rock or sand to the area if needed. Be sure to leave enough room for your stock tank.

Choosing Your Stock Tank

You’ll find the perfect stock tank at your nearby Coastal. There are a lot of different shapes, sizes, and building materials to choose from, including poly stock tanks, galvanized models, as well as rubber options. We even carry a fun pool for the kids at most stores. For reference, the Behlen Round Poly Stock Tank holds up to 1,000 gallons and measures 9-feet in diameter.

Adjusting Your Tank

Most models come with a drain, but these don’t always fit your standard garden hose. To fix that, simply drill a new hole in the side of your tank and add a hose adapter with a removable plug. Be sure to seal the adapter with J-B Weld to keep it from leaking.

Now, instead of laying hoses over the top of your tank, you can fill your trough from the side. Plus, draining will be easier as well. Using a garden hose, you can drain the water right into your flower beds or lawn (if you do not use chlorine).

Keep Things Moving

Mosquitoes are a real issue, so it’s advisable that you either drain your pool every day or use a small pump and filter to keep the water moving when you’re not in the pool. Using an above-ground pool pump and filter is an easy option that fits most stock tanks.

Better yet, try using pool salt. This special salt is designed to keep your pool clean just like chlorine, but it’s a much safer alternative. Just pour in a little at a time, let it dissolve, and give it a test. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines for applications and uses to ensure a proper balance.

Keep Things Clean

Stock tanks are small enough that you can easily give your tank a quick cleaning every couple of days. But if you’re up for the challenge, you can go one step further and add chlorine to your pool. It doesn’t take much. To ensure you don’t overdo it, use granular chlorine in very small doses. Use testing strips to test the pH (a measure of acidity) level of your stock tank. Be careful not to exceed a pH rating of 7.4.

Get Creative

Some people add decks, bring their lawn furniture out to the tank, and others even add waterfalls and other water features. The sky, and your imagination, are the limit.

More Stock Tank Ideas

There are plenty of other uses for water troughs, including raised gardens, koi ponds, coolers, or a coffee table. Check out our article on Watering Trough Uses.

Get Your Summer Essentials at Coastal

Your nearby Coastal has everything you need to make this the best summer ever. Including grills from Green Mountain, Traeger, and Green Egg, as well as back yard fire pits, camping gear, and a lot more. Plus, we carry a full line of stock tanks for your own backyard swimming hole.