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Pre-Order Bees Through March 31, 2024

Bee season is nearly upon us. Whether you’re a pro at keeping bees or new to the hobby/money-making-enterprise, Coastal has what you need to maintain your hives. We can even help you order your bees and get you started with beekeeping gear for beginners and experts. 

Order Your Bees In-Store Today

Pre-order your bees at any Coastal store location by March 31, 2024, to receive 3 pounds of honeybees (about 10,000), with a mated queen in a queen cage for $169.99! Delivery is scheduled approximately between April 15 – May 5, 2024, weather permitting. If you don’t pre-order, we cannot guarantee bee availability.

Bee In The Know

Orders must be pre-paid in full and will be accepted through March 31, 2024, after which we can no longer issue refunds. Price is complete, no box deposit required. Delivery of a live, mated queen guaranteed. Specific bee delivery day is weather dependent. Orders will ship from approximately April 15 to May 5. We will communicate your approximate delivery date toward the end of March. The exact date of pick up will be communicated 1 week prior to delivery. You will pick up in-store on your assigned date. Bees not picked up on announced day subject to re-sale and no refund.

Get Your Beekeeping Gear at Coastal

At Coastal, you’ll find a selection of beekeeping products, including boxes, frames, lids, perches, bottom screens, gloves, beekeeping clothing, as well as smokers and hive tools at your local Coastal.


Which Bee is Right for Your Hive?



Spring Build Up - Very Quick Spring Build Up - Normal
Swarming Tendency - Above Normal Swarming Tendency - Normal
Honey Production - Normal Honey Production - Normal
Gentleness - Mild Gentleness - Mild
Wintering Method - Large Colonies Wintering Method - Small Colonies
First Year Beekeeper - Yes First Year Beekeeper - Yes

Learn More about Beekeeping

We know a few beekeepers at Coastal and have put together some great articles on the subject. Check out Four Good Reasons to Keep Bees, as well as articles on Beekeeping for Fun and Profit, How to Avoid Common Beginner Beekeeping Mistakes, and Starting Your Own Beehive.