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Improved Online Shopping

Shop Online with Coastal’s Improved Experience!

We have improved the following areas on our website. Scroll down to see details!

  • Curbside Pickup Improvements

  • Lower Shipping Rates

  • Pay online using Coastal Gift Cards and introducing Coastal eGift Cards (electronic Gift Cards)

  • Website Search Improvements

  • Personalized Product and Article Recommendations

  • Thousands of New Products on the Site

  • Holiday Gift Guide


Curbside Pickup Improvement

We have improved our Curbside pickup service in significant ways for your contactless convenience. Here are all the changes:

            • New Store employees dedicated to processing your online orders, whether that be for Curbside pickup, in-store pickup, or shipping to your home or business.

            • More parking spots reserved for Curbside pickup service. Look for the parking spots marked with special signage. Just park your car there, call the phone number on the sign, and let the store employee know what spot you are in.

            • New dedicated Curbside pickup phone numbers for each store (so you won’t compete with other store phone calls happening at the same time).

            • New mobile devices that our Store employees use to help process online orders and answer your Curbside pickup call faster.

            • More helpful signage in the parking lot and breezeway to enhance your pick up experience.

            • Improved load-out operations and logistics.

Lower Shipping Rates

We have lowered our shipping rates by as much as 40% (depending on shipment location and weight). Remember that we also offer FREE shipping on qualifying online orders of $99 or more. Try the convenience of home delivery!

Pay online using Coastal Gift Cards and introducing Coastal eGift Cards

You can pay online and in-store with Coastal Gift Cards and eGift Cards (electronic Gift Cards, also known as digital Gift Cards). While you have always been able to purchase regular Coastal Gift Cards on our website, we have now added the ability to purchase eGift Cards (electronic codes that can be sent to anyone via email).  Coastal Gift Cards and eGift Cards can be used for purchases either in-store or on our website!
Click here to purchase a Coastal Gift Card or eGift Card

Website Search Improvements

We have improved the search experience on our website to deliver more relevant and accurate results to you. Now when you use our search feature, you’ll see a “quick results” drop-down that shows relevant category, product, and blog content suggestions to choose from. As an added feature, tap into our blog post library and find helpful information, product tips, etc. by clicking the “Blog Search Results“ tab next to the “Product Search Results” tab at the top of the page. Find what you are looking for faster!

Personalized Products and Articles Recommendations

You can now get specific product recommendations from Coastal that are personalized to YOU (just like Amazon), based on the pages you typically visit on our website. You can view these helpful product recommendations on our home page (see “Recommended for You”), at the bottom of any product page, and during online checkout. 

As a bonus, you can also get recommendations for specific blog post articles to read that will be of interest specifically to YOU. You can view these custom blog post recommendations at the bottom of any product category page. 

New Products Added Weekly

We have added thousands of new products to our website across dozens of product categories. To find products, use the Products menu, the Brands menu, or our improved website search feature available at the top of every page on our website.