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How to Add Coastal's Email to Your Safe Sender List

How to “Safelist” Coastal's Emails in a Variety of Email Platforms

Look for your email client below to see how to whitelist/safelist Coastal emails so they aren’t accidentally sent to spam.


You have a few different ways to mark a sender as safe:

  1. Add to your Gmail contacts. This indicates to Google that you know the sender.

  2. If one of our messages has been marked as spam, highlight it in Gmail and click “Report not spam.”

  1. If you use Google Workspace, the account administrator can add to an Allowlist. You can find more details on that here

Apple Mail

  • In the Mail Preferences area from the macOS menu bar, click “Rules.”

  • Click to “Add Rule.”

  • Name your rule.

  • Make sure the criteria states: If any of the following conditions are met and that the From field is followed by Ends with.

  • Enter to add to your safelist in the field next to the Ends with field.

  • In the “Perform the following actions” section, set the three fields to Move Message, to the mailbox, and Inbox or a different target folder.

  • Click OK to save.


In Outlook, right-click a message from to add to your “safelist” and choose > Junk 

Then you can choose from two options:

  1. Never Block Sender

  2. Never Block Sender’s Domain

Using the second option ensures that no matter who is sending emails from the CoastalCountry domain, the emails won’t get blocked.



In Yahoo! Mail, open the message from, then copy the email address.

Open your Contacts and add as a new contact. This will also add them to a Yahoo! Mail safe sender list.


If an email from is already in your junk folder, click “Show Content” to view the email, then click “mark as safe.”

If you want to proactively add to your safelist so our emails aren’t blocked:

  • Click on “Options” at the upper right corner of the Hotmail window. 

  • Click the link that says “Safe and Blocked Senders.”

  • Click “Safe Senders” and enter to add, then click “Add.”

Other Mail Programs

Most mail programs will offer similar ways to keep emails from specific senders out of your “junk” folder.

Try these two options if you have a different email program:

  1. Visit your junk/spam folder and click or right-click the message from Look for an option to unblock or mark as not spam.

  2. Add to your mail program’s Contacts list.