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Just what the country needs.® 


Coastal is Here to Help
Just like you, we love the land and the people on it. At Coastal, we’re here to help you face all the new challenges in your everyday life.


Understanding the Essential Nature of Coastal Stores
From animal feed to heating and fuel products, we stock everything the country needs.


At Coastal, we love the land and all of the people on it. Around the world, those people are facing some serious stress from this ongoing global crisis. It’s a big deal, to be sure. That’s why we’re doing our part to remain open as an essential service, stocking our shelves with dog food and chicken scratch, feed for livestock and animals, as well as vaccinations, heating fuel, and other gear you need to keep you and your family safe.

Here for the Farmer in All of Us
Coastal is committed to remaining open to provide you and your family with the essential items you need. While our stores are open every single day, we do close earlier than usual. This allows us to disinfect floors and other heavily-used surfaces. It also gives us time to restock our shelves with some of the most essential items.

Every morning, we open 30-minutes early for the elderly and most vulnerable who need a little extra assistance and the safety of a freshly-cleaned store. If you know anyone who could benefit from this extra time every morning, send them our way. We’ll help them find what they need and get them heading back to the safety of their homes as quickly as possible.

As a major supplier of livestock feed and animal health products for both commercial and retail ag customers, and a leading seller of wood pellets in the Northwest, we know it’s critical that we remain vigilant and open for business. Without us, animals might go hungry, animal health-related issues might crop up, and families could get chilly as temperatures drop overnight.

Help Us Help You (and Others)
We’re happy to put in the extra time to stay open, clean, and restock, but we need your help. Please purchase only what you need for the foreseeable future. This ensures enough stock for everyone as the pandemic continues to change our everyday lives. We will do our best to ensure we restock shelves as soon as possible so you can find everything you need to care for your animals, family, and land.

We’re All in This Together
Above all else, we wish safety and health to you and your friends and family. We want to see you and those you hold most dear doing well once this crisis is over and we can all go back to loving the land in our own unique ways.