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Your Safety Matters with Troxel Riding Helmets

September 26, 2020

Every year, about 70,000 people head to the emergency room with equestrian-related injuries. Just over 17% of those are head injuries. Studies have shown that equestrian helmets are an incredibly effective way to protect yourself and those you love while riding. Troxel Riding Helmets founder Dr. Richard Timms helped create some of the most innovative, forward-thinking, and beautiful equestrian helmets on the market today. And we carry a huge selection of those helmets at Coastal.

In all, over 4-million riders, from English to western, wear Troxel helmets when they mount their trusty steed. That number keeps growing. Every helmet is ASTM/SEI-certified, which means they’re designed to keep your head safe in the event of an accident, fall, or other mishap.

What is ASTM/SEI Certification?

Wearing a certified equestrian helmet is a smart way to protect yourself while riding. ASTM/SEI-certificated helmets are tested by two organizations. They are the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Together, they help set the standards for a lot of consumer goods, including riding helmets. Troxel Riding Helmets meet all of the ASTM/SEI standards.

How do helmets protect you? A certified helmet will absorb the energy of a fall and impact by extending your head’s stopping time. In some cases, a helmet will crush and crack as it absorbs the impact of a fall. It’s all designed to help reduce the trauma on your brain.


How Often Should Helmets be Replaced

As children outgrow their helmets, those helmets should be replaced. In addition, any helmet that has been in an accident, even if you cannot visibly see any damage, should be replaced. While it might seem a bit over-the-top, nothing is more important than protecting your head and brain.   

Proper Fit is Important

Troxel makes some of the most comfortable helmets available. With the DialFitTM, SureFitTM, and FlipFoldTM tabs and adjustments, you’re going to get a good, solid fit and thorough protection. To help you find the right fit and properly adjust your helmet, Troxel has put together two guides:


Troxel Has Kid Sizes

While riding helmets look similar to bicycle helmets, they are not. Equestrian helmets are specially designed to protect adults and children from injuries. To properly fit your child with a Troxel helmet, they’ve put together this quick size guide.  

Troxel Helmets are Lightweight and Stylish

These helmets are super lightweight with plenty of ventilation. Plus, they come in a variety of patterns and colors to express your personality — or the personality of your horse. You can even choose Troxel helmets that are leather-covered for a western-inspired style.

Innovation in Every Helmet

Troxel helmets have a patented FlipFoldTM headliner that allows you to achieve a snug fit without extra pads. The headliners are also removable, so you can wash them after a day on the trail.

Find Troxel at Coastal

You’ll find a full line of Troxel riding helmets at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. Stop by, check out the current inventory, and go home with the perfect helmet to match your riding needs and your wardrobe.