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Product Spotlight

Say Goodbye to Work Boot Foot Fatigue

July 14, 2023

Tough jobs require tough boots. But it’s also important that those boots keep your feet comfortable all day long. The Coastal crew has some tips to help avoid foot fatigue.

Choose Georgia Boot for All-day Comfort

The right pair of work boots or cowboy boots from Georgia Boot can make a big difference in your day. Check out the full line of Georgia Boot from Coastal, including the Georgia Boot 30-day Comfort Guarantee. If you buy a pair featuring a Georgia Boot comfort insole, and they just aren’t meeting your comfort requirements, they’ll refund your money up to 30 days after the date of purchase. All you need is a proof of purchase. Plus, their boots come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

We’ve All Experienced Foot Fatigue

The pain associated with foot fatigue can make every task more difficult. Over time, it can lead to cramps, numbness, and other issues that may require a doctor’s intervention. Here are five things you can do to minimize foot fatigue, whether you’re working construction or digging ditch on the ranch.

Invest in Good Boots (and other footwear): Don’t go cheap when it comes to your feet. Look for boots and shoes that offer protection, comfort, and all-day support. Georgia Boot comfort insoles are built to add a spring to your step. Check out our articles on breaking in a new pair of cowboy boots as well as how to stretch work boots.

Add Insoles When Needed: A new set of insoles can turn an old pair of worn out boots into your new favorites. Coastal carries plenty of insoles for your work boots.

Buy Top Quality Socks: Look for socks made with Merino wool instead of synthetic or cotton options to keep sweat away from your feet. Additionally, socks with heel and toe padding can make life a lot better. If you’re experiencing foot fatigue that won’t go away, try a pair of compression socks to help improve blood flow.

Try Different Lacing Options: If your boots have laces, and you feel pressure around the ankles or the top of your foot, try skipping an eyelet near or around the problem areas. This can often alleviate pressure and make for a better fit.

Have a Second and Third Pair of Boots: Then switch out to another pair of boots every couple of days or every week. This will give the leather a chance to dry completely and regain its shape to better support your feet.


Coastal has Aisles of Boots

You’ll find all the boots, socks, insoles and advice you need at your nearby Coastal. Stop by today and go home with everything your country needs to stay comfortable and safe on the job, whether you work in construction or on the ranch.