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Product Spotlight

Save Money with Coastal Private Label Brands

September 17, 2022

The next time you’re at Coastal or shopping online at, you’re bound to run across names like Wildology, Noble Outfitters, and Electryx. These Coastal private label brands are there to help you save money and go home with the quality you expect from Coastal. Let’s take a look at those private label brands and which are ideal for your country lifestyle.


We’ve done the shopping for you and put our name on some of the best products out there for your home, garden, equine needs, and more. That includes camping chairs, fertilizer, hay by the bale, pellet fuel, sleeping bags, and more. Find them all!


To give your pets the ultimate in nutrition, the pros at Wildology worked with canine experts to develop a patented, guaranteed live, probiotic blend with superfoods. We call it Superlife PRO. Wildology bags of pet food support overall health as well as the longevity and happiness of your pets. There are plenty of options, including puppy and senior formulas. Get Wildology now.

Black Diamond

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer who has 10 cord of wood to split, or a professional looking for top-of-the-line durability and quality, Black Diamond tools and equipment are built to work for you. Options include air compressors, log splitters, generators, drum fans, shop vacuums, tools, parts, and accessories. Shop Black Diamond tools and equipment.

Noble Outfitters

Looking for workwear that’s affordable, comfortable, safety-minded, purpose-built, as well as rugged? Noble Outfitters has what you need, including boots and insoles, work leggings for women, bib overalls, t-shirts, cargo shorts, work gloves and pants, vests, socks, and jackets. Get Noble Outfitters!

Harvest King

Don’t take a chance with sub-par motor oils, fluids, lubricants, greases and fuels. Harvest King has been a trusted name since 1951, and we carry a full line at Coastal. That includes hydraulic oil and fluid, gear oil, pre-mixed 2-cycle fuel, and sprayers. Discover Harvest King.

Country Companion

You care for your animals and do your best for them every day. Country Companion at Coastal helps you give them the best while still saving money. Options include milk replacer, cracked corn, alfalfa cubes, feed for chickens, pig and sow options, equine feed, goat feed, egg layer pellets, scratch blocks, and more. Shop Country Companion.


Light the way and bring electricity anywhere you need it with Electryx extension cables and lights available at Coastal. You’ll even find brooder lights carrying the Electryx name and cost savings for you. Find Electryx at Coastal.


Coastal Helps Save You Money

You’ll find Coastal private label brands throughout our stores and along every aisle. Shop and compare against the big names to save some money and go home with everything you need.