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Product Spotlight

Products We Love: XTRATUF® Comfortable, Warm, and Rugged Boots

September 11, 2022
Folks who live and work in Alaska understand and respect the elements. They also respect XTRATUF® boots to help them do their job, no matter what kind of conditions they face. These boots have been performance-tested and proven for comfort, warmth, and ruggedness. And now, you’ll find them in our stores. See why XtraTuf® boots are among the products we love at Coastal.


When XTRATUF says their boots are Alaska proven yet built for all, they mean it. From commercial grade boots built to perform in the harshest conditions while still remaining comfortable, to their explorer grade boots that provide 100% waterproof protection with a professional-grade slip-resistant sole, you’ll find a pair of XTRATUF boots for your daily life. That includes quick trips to the store, daily chores, changing pipe, or simply taking out the trash late at night.

A History that’s Tuf to Beat

The story of XTRATUF waterproof, harsh-element stomping boots goes back over 50 years. XTRATUF boots were created to be as rugged and real as the Alaskan people who work so hard to tame the land and fish the sea. The boots caught on and became a favorite.

Every pair are designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable, provide protection, keep you from slipping, and remain durable and flexible for years to come. They really are the perfect combination of comfort, warmth, and ruggedness.