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Product Spotlight

Products We Love: Vermont’s Original Bag Balm

January 16, 2020

At the turn of the 20th century, farmers and ranchers were continually looking for better ways to care for their livestock. One such product, invented by a pharmacist, promised to fix chafed cow udders amid Vermont’s intense winter weather. The first time John L. Norris tried the balm on his livestock, he quickly scraped together the money to buy the recipe and rights to the miracle cure. 119 years later, Bag Balm has become an American staple, used to fix chapped lips and dry skin on people, pets, and animals. That’s why it’s one of the products we love at Coastal.

Invented for Extreme Climates

Here in the Northwest, we’re accustomed to all sorts of weather, from snow and rain, to extreme summer heat and whipping winds. Bag Balm is specially formulated to withstand similar conditions in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, where the weather takes on a life of its own.

Bag Balm Has Seen it All

The folks at Bag Balm tell of the salve being utilized on early arctic expeditions, as a preservative for rifles during World War II, and as a way to treat canine paws as they searched through the rubble following the events of 9-11. Bag Balm has a lot of uses for every member of the farm and family.

Open up a distinctive tin of Bag Balm and apply it to calluses, cuts, chaffed and dry skin, cracked lips, and a lot more. Because it’s formulated with just a handful of ingredients, it’s safe for kids, pets, livestock, older adults, and hard-working individuals who don’t have time to complain about damaged skin or the long, hard-days that caused it.

Four Simple Ingredients

There are no added colors or fragrances added to Bag Balm. The four ingredients include petroleum to moisturize, lanolin to soothe and soften, paraffin wax to hold the balm together, and 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate to work as a preservative and keep your tin of bag balm fresh for a long time.

Coastal Carries Bag Balm

You’ll find Bag Balm in 1 oz. and 8 oz. tins at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. Go home with a few for the house, barn, ranch rigs, and the camp trainer and you’ll always be ready for any weather and working conditions.