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Product Spotlight

Products We Love: Napoleon Premium Gas Grills

June 7, 2020

Products We Love: Napoleon Premium Gas Grills

Gas grills like those from Napoleon make grilling quick, easy, and affordable. With Napoleon’s infrared burner technology, you can sear a steak, grill veggies, and regulate the perfect temperature just minutes after starting one up. Coastal has a full line of Napoleon Gas Grills to Upgrade Your Grilling GameTM  this BBQ season.  

WarrantyLogos8.jpg Prestige 500 RSIB | BUY NOW

One of Napoleon’s top-of-the-line grills, this one offers a large cooking area, infrared side and rear burners, and four main burners for grilling perfection. Easily grill up to 30 burgers at one time on the main grill, and another eight on the side. Its Iconic WAVETM cooking grids perfectly sear your favorite cut of meat. Want to avoid flare-ups? Napoleon has you covered with its extra surface area that vaporizes drippings fast.

  • SafetyGlow Feature lets you know when the burners are on
  • Quality stainless steel construction throughout
  • Infrared Sizzle ZoneTM Side Burner for perfect grill marks
  • Slow spit roasting
  • Dual-level stainless steel sear plates
  • Instant JetfireTM ignition
Accu-ProbeTM temperature gauge
WarrantyLogos8.jpg Rogue XT 525 SIB Gas Grill | BUY NOW

This striking grill looks great and works like a champ with four main burners, stainless steel sear plates, cast grid, and a high top lid. Give your steaks and burgers that perfect, restaurant-style sear with the integrated sear stations.

  • Side shelves for prep space
  • Virtually indestructible firebox
  • Small footprint to fit into smaller spaces
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Accu-ProbeTM temperature gauge
Coastal tip: looking for smoky flavor from your new gas grill? The Pit Bos Smoker Box lets you smoke wood chips in your gas grill for some authentic flavor. Just be sure to put the chips in dry for best results.
WarrantyLogos8.jpg Rogue 425 Gas Grill | BUY NOW

Affordability, durability, style, and quality all come together in the Napoleon Rogue® 425 Propane Gas Grill. Three burners light every time with battery-free ignition, and precise temperature control allows you to sear and grill like the pros with cast iron cooking grids and stainless steel sear plants.

  • Easy to clean
  • Iconic sear marks
  • Superior rust resistance
  • Folding prep area
  • Designed for protection from the elements
  • Accu-ProbeTM temperature gauge
WarrantyLogos8.jpg TravelQ Pro 285 Portable Gas Grill | BUY NOW

Small back yard patios are about to get a big upgrade with Napoleon’s portable gas grill with some of the features of their full-size units. Grill up to 18 burgers at one time with 285 square inches of cooking area. Just hook up to natural gas and get cooking in minutes. Roast a whole chicken or turkey, pork, or prime rib. Dual stainless steel burners give you precise control over the temperature. You can even sear the perfect steak. The porcelain coating cast iron cooking grills heat evenly and provide a non-stick surface.

  • Quality stainless steel for direct and indirect heat
  • Keep your tools close with side shelves and holders
  • Side handles for easy carrying
  • Accu-ProbeTM temperature gauge
  • High, top-cast aluminum lid
  • Instant JetfireTM ignition

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