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Product Spotlight | February 2, 2020

Products We Love: Liberty® Gun Safes

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Gun ownership is one of the most sacred and important rights we have as Americans. Equally important is safe gun ownership. Made-in-the-USA gun safes from Liberty® make it easy to safely store and protect your firearms and ammunition from the kids, possible theft, or fire damage, while still maintaining accessibility. That’s why these are some of the products we love at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal.

The Right Safe for You

Liberty is one of the best safe makers out there, offering lifetime warranties against manufacturer defects, and options to fit every budget and need. Be sure to check out How to Pick the Perfect Gun Safe, along with the options below.

Liberty Freedom Security Tried and True

Liberty Centurion Series gun safes come in 12, 18, and 24 capacities with up to 30-minutes of fire protection. A digital electronic lock with LED light makes it easy to open when you know the combination. The 2-way military locking bars make it inaccessible when you don’t. Plus, triple case-hardened steel plates protect the lock from drills.

Liberty Patriot 30

Liberty U.S.A. Series gun safes offer up to 40 minutes of fire safety at temperatures of over 1,200º F, 2-way military locking bars, and thicker 2-piece 12-gauge steel body for uncompromised safety and security. Comes in three sizes, including the 30, 36, and 48 long gun capacity. When you put your weapons, ammo, jewelry, or important papers into a Liberty U.S.A., they’re well protected from anyone and everything.

Liberty CenturionEveryday Economy

Liberty Centurion
offers affordability with Liberty’s trusted protection. Choose 12 and 18 capacities and lock away your guns with confidence. All Centurion safes include military-style locking bars, an internal hard plate for added security, and up to 30 minutes of fire protection thanks to Liberty’s PalusolTM heat-expanding seals.

Get over to your Northwest owned and operated Coastal and check out current deals. When you walk in the door, just ask where to find the safes and our folks will be happy to point you in the right direction and answer all your questions.

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