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Animals | Product Spotlight

Products We Love: Hill’s® Science Diet® Pet Food

January 29, 2022

Whether you have a dog or a cat, puppy, kitten, or older animal, Hill’s® Science Diet® is formulated to meet your pet’s biological and life stage needs. That includes food to help with aging, dental care, digestive needs, food sensitivities, joint care, skin issues, and weight management. Those are just a few of the reasons Hill’s® Science Diet® dog and cat food are among the products we love at Coastal.

Is Your Pet Overweight? 

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell that a pet has gained too much weight. Just like humans, that gain is gradual over time. And while table scraps might seem like a treat for your pet, those bits of cheese and meat may be doing them more harm than good. Especially when it comes to taking in too many calories. Here are a few ways you can help your pet maintain a healthy weight.

Follow the Feeding Guide: Every bag of Hill’s® Science Diet® food includes a daily feeding guide for your pet. It’s a great tool that can quickly help your pet shed pounds and feel better overall.

Exercise with Your Pet: Just a 15-minute walk or playtime can increase the bond you have with your pet and give you both a heart-healthy workout. Exercise options for your canine include playing fetch or fetch racing (where you both run for the ball), running up and down stairs, and hide-and-seek. Cats might not like going for walks, but they do like to play and hunt. Try hiding treats around the house and playing hide-and-seek.

Find Weight Management Pet Food at Coastal

Hill’s® Science Diet® has been researching and improving pet health for decades. At Coastal, we’re proud to stock several options, including food for healthy pets and those with weight management needs.


Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food 

Clinically proven technology and an understanding of what dogs love helped create this breakthrough weight management food. Promotes lean muscles, healthy weight management, and safe weight loss with visible results in 10 weeks.

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Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight Cat Food 

The purr-fect weight for your cat can be achieved with the right food and some serving advice from the experts at Hill’s Science Diet. Your feline will love the taste and you’ll love the results.

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Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Hearty Vegetable & Chicken Stew Wet Dog Food

Your dog won’t even know they’re on a diet with this delicious mix of vegetables, chicken, and clinically proven technology.

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