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Product Spotlight

Products We Love: Dovetail Workwear

March 4, 2022

Women everywhere are tackling professions once dominated by men, including plumbing, landscaping, electrical work, and more. Dovetail Workwear makes the utility apparel those women need to stay comfortable and safe, including flame-resistant gear, tops, outerwear, overalls, and pants. This is work clothing by women, for women, and with women. That’s why Dovetail Workwear is one of the products we love at Coastal.

As seen on Real Simple, HGTV, Outside, and Forbes, Dovetail Workwear strives to encourage women to enter and succeed in non-traditional occupations and fulfill their personal potential, thrive in their work, and strengthen their communities.

Dovetail Workwear co-founder and marketing director Kyle Marie Begley, along with her partner and fellow co-founder Kate Day, lived with sized-down menswear for years.

“We started our own landscaping business,” Kyle remembers. “We couldn’t find any workwear that looked professional and allowed us to go digging in the dirt all on the same day. The products we did find wouldn’t last.”

Instead of double-layered fronts and deep pockets, women’s gear was simply modified to look good without the true protection or functionality of workwear made for men.  Kyle found herself wearing a boy’s size 14 when she and her partner began talking with Sarah Deluca, a clothing expert who also happened to be one of the team’s landscaping clients.

“Sara heard us griping about our clothing and said she could help us make a pair of pants.”

What they created was the first pair of Dovetail work pants.

Over a period of months, other female professionals noticed Kyle’s landscaping clothing and wanted a pair for themselves.

“We realized this might be something worth perusing,” Kyle said through a business-savvy smile.

The rest is smart-business history that has landed the new clothing company plenty of press and a solid headquarters in downtown Portland.

“One of the cool things is that we have more sizes and more inseams than most women’s clothing,” Kyle added. “We have four different inseams and 14 different sizes, from 000 to 22.”

For Dovetail Workwear and the women who wear their clothing, it’s all about fit and functionality.

“We’re making clothing for the women who are working physically and wear many hats during their busy day. They need proper attire that’s functional, durable, and looks good.”

You’ll find Dovetail Clothing in many Coastal stores. If we don’t have your size in stock, we can special order it. 

“We’re super excited about our partnership with Coastal,” Kyle said over the hum of a busy office. “We’re stoked and look forward to what’s going to happen next.”

Try Dovetail Workwear at Coastal

Dovetail Workwear makes all-season, all-reason utility apparel that stands up to the job. Plus, these innovators have thought of everything, including how the clothing moves with a women’s working needs. Now available at your Albany, Cornelius, Klamath Falls, Redmond, The Dalles, White City Yakima & Mt. Vernon Coastal locations.