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Home & Garden | Product Spotlight | January 12, 2018

Products We Love: Diatomaceous Earth

Nearly 200 years ago, diatomaceous earth was discovered in Germany. Since then, people have found some impressive uses for these fossilized remains, including modern toothpaste, deodorizers, and insect repellents. If you haven’t considered using this powdery substance on your farm or in your home, we have a list of good reasons why it’s a product we love at Coastal - especially this time of year.

The Basics

Diatomaceous earth is formed when microscopic sea organisms die, sink to the sea floor, and fossilize under pressure. The cellular walls of diatomaceous earth are made of silica, which is why it’s so great at absorbing liquids and smells, and killing insects and other pests.

Around Your Homestead

Whether you’re managing a small farm or hundreds of acres, diatomaceous earth can lend a helping hand around your place, specifically against pests by dehydrating whole colonies into non-existence.

Eradicates fleas and ticks: apply diatomaceous earth to the fur of cattle dogs or barn cats to control fleas and ticks.

Useful for chickens: sprinkle some diatomaceous earth in your chicken’s dust bath to treat mites and lice.

Toxic liquid cleanup: use diatomaceous earth to absorb liquid from tractors and other machines around the farm.

Protects crops: while it might not be ideal for large crops, diatomaceous earth is outstanding when applied to large and small gardens. Put some of the dust in your garden to protect against aphids, ants, slugs and more.

Controls flies: add diatomaceous earth to areas where flies congregate to kill them off.

Inside the House

The same properties that make diatomaceous earth excellent for use around the farm make it a wonderful addition to the inside of the home as well. Before using diatomaceous earth in your home, be sure it is food grade to avoid any possible contamination issues.

Control fleas: Add some of the powder to your pet’s fur, beds, and kennels to kill off fleas. You can also add the powder to your carpet for a few days to kill fleas and their eggs. Vacuum up the powder and reapply every three days for bigger infestations.

Eradicate ants and bedbugs: diatomaceous earth has even been proven to kill off silverfish and cockroaches. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth anywhere you find pests. The powder will dehydrate them beyond saving. Some families add diatomaceous earth to cracks and crevices between cupboards to keep invaders away.

Reduce smells: add a bowl of diatomaceous earth to your fridge or freezer to eliminate odors. Have a cat litter box? Add the powder to your cat’s littler to drastically reduce smells. Can be used in garbage cans as well.

Clean up: Create your own scrubby, kitchen cleanup solution for pots and pans. Combine diatomaceous earth with lemon juice, water, and dish soap.

Potted plant care: anytime you add some of your wonderful composted soil to your indoor potted plants, sprinkle some diatomaceous earth to the top layer. It will help kill off spiders and other outdoor bugs.

Coastal Tip: Whether you’re applying diatomaceous earth in your garden or around your house, be sure it is food grade, and take note of the porous nature of the product. Some are more absorbent than others.

Find Diatomaceous Earth at Coastal

The folks at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal can show you all the products that contain diatomaceous earth, including Vitalix Equine Developer in 125-pound tubs, and Fresh Coop Odor Control for your chickens. Stop by today and discover why this is one of the products we love.


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