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Animals | September 7, 2018

Products We Love: Cascade Cattle & Sheep Bulk Feed

Buying in bulk can be a huge money saver. Chances are, you do a fair bit of bulk buying for your family every week or so. Now, you can buy bulk feed for your cattle and sheep with Cascade Cattle & Sheep, one of the new products we love at your local Coastal. We had a chance to chat with Randy Smucker, who runs and owns the company with his Dad, Steve, and younger brother, Justin.

If you’ve ever heard of Smucker Pelleting out of Harrisburg, Oregon, then you know the company behind Cascade Cattle & Sheep bulk feed. Founded in 1993, this family-owned business takes great pride in producing a workhorse feed formulated for value, performance, and putting some weight on animals with just two simple ingredients: 20% dried corn distiller’s grain (DDG) and 80% grass seed screenings.

“We’ve had a ton of positive feedback about our 8020 product over the past year,” Randy Smucker said, inspecting a handful of finished pellets. “The palatability and value are great. Animals love it, even without any molasses in it.”

Over the years, the Smucker name became synonymous with quality and value among livestock owners throughout Oregon’s Willamette Valley and beyond.

“It’s mostly been word of mouth. It’s just taken off,” Randy added. “Most of our feed ingredients are local. We’re local. Our customers are local. Now, that we’re in Coastal, we can take that local pride to hard-working farmers and ranchers all over the Northwest.”

Got a one-ton pickup? When filled to the top with Cascade Cattle & Sheep bulk feed, the tote bags available at Coastal weigh 1,600 pounds. The folks at Coastal will load it onto your truck, trailer, or pickup for you. Once you get home, just use a tractor attachment or a forklift and start putting your bulk feed to good use.

“This is the perfect option for a farmer or rancher with five or more animals,” Randy said. “It’s more cost effective and great for livestock.”

Steve Smucker is proud of what he has started and been able to build with his sons Randy and Justin. When Randy was a senior in high school, he started working alongside his dad, learning the family business. Younger brother Justin soon joined in the enterprise, and today they run things together, which includes a trucking division.

“Working with family is pretty great,” Randy said through a wide smile. “We enjoy seeing each other at work and at home. The family dynamics have always been positive.”

Every Pellet is Packed with Goodness

Cascade Cattle & Sheep guarantees their product with protein, fiber, fat, and ash content that meets or beats the competition. Please Note: This feed should not be fed to pregnant mares. Otherwise, it may be fed to horses.

14.5% Crude Protein (not less than)
3% Crude Fat (not less than)
18% Crude Fiber (not more than)
14% Ash (not more than)

Buy Bulk at Coastal

Cascade Cattle & Sheep bulk feed is available now in 1,600 lb. totes for $219.99 (regular price) at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. Stop by and see why this locally made feed is one of the products we love.

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