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Product Spotlight | February 13, 2021

Product Spotlight: Triple Crown Gold Series Feed

Caring for the health of horses everywhere is at the heart of what Triple Crown Feed does every day. It’s just one of the reasons Coastal loves Triple Crown Feed. We headed out to KB Sporthorses to visit with them about their program and how they use Triple Crown Gold Line to achieve their goals. We were joined by Trish Ackerman & had a chance to chat with her about Triple Crown Feed’s Gold Line.

“The Triple Crown Gold Line is great fit for any horse out there,” stated Ackerman when asked about the line that features Perform Gold, Balancer Gold, and Senior Gold. “I love it. I’m excited about the new inclusions. I feed it to my own horses. They might not be competing, but I want them to have the best.”

Ackerman went on to explain that the Gold line is perfectly balanced for any horse out there, from performance horses to seniors. Even those with a soy intolerance.

“The addition of electrolytes in the Gold line keeps the horses pH in balance,” she added. “It also improves the horses tolerance to heat, whether that is from outside temperatures or from heat generated from physical exercise. This leads to better stamina, muscle function, and rebound.”

Ackerman added, that the Gold line also includes enhanced gastric buffering support through a seaweed derived calcium source, which has been found to be more bio available. This helps reduce joint inflammation, reduces the severity of gastric ulcers and promotes calming from increased comfort.

“In addition to the added Electrolytes, the Triple Crown Gold line has expanded the amino acid to guarantee a higher amount of Leucine, which helps promote muscle growth and development and a strong topline.”


Triple Crown Perform Gold

Is your horse a hard worker in need of additional calories? Perform Gold is the right choice, with high fat and high fiber content. This is the first Triple Crown feed to focus on both amino acid balance through the inclusion of whey protein (essential for muscle growth and development) and electrolyte balance for maximum hydration. Perform also supports gastric health with an organic, plant-based calcium.  

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Triple Crown Balancer Gold

Perfect for hard-working equine of any age, but designed specifically for ponies, miniature horses, easy keepers, and horses with metabolic disease. Balancer Gold is low in carbohydrates (sugar and starch), high in fortified supplements with no soy or molasses. Use to balance pasture and/or hay, and improve nutrition overall.

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Triple Crown Senior Gold

Senior Gold is a premium grain-free, beet-pulp based feed for older horses and equine unable to masticate their feed or forage. This softer feed can be mixed with water to form a mash and the low soluble carbohydrate levels make it a good option for horses with metabolic syndrome.

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“Every bag is a good source of cool calories,” Ackerman said. “The higher fat content offers them more sustainable energy rather than the insulin spikes that can happen with higher sugar and starch feeds. We’re proud to meet the needs of the hardest working horses out there, along with their owners.” 

Coastal Proudly Carries Triple Crown Feed

Stop by your Northwest owned and operated Coastal today and pick up all the Triple Crown Feed you need to improve and maintain the health of your horse. Not sure which one to try, just ask. One of our employees can point you in the right direction.

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