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Product Spotlight | March 6, 2021

Product Spotlight: StressFreeTM Forage from Triple Crown

Horses might be big and strong, but they’re also delicate when it comes to stressful situations. Triple Crown StressFreeTM Forage supplement is perfect for those times your horse refuses to eat or is under a lot of stress, including trailering, competing, training, changes in the weather, separation from barn mates, heat stress, or changes in diet.

“StressFree is a premium, fortified forage supplement that keeps your horse eating,” said Triple Crown’s regional sales manager and nutrition consultant, Trish Ackerman. “All it takes is two to four pounds per day before, during, and after a stressful event.”

StressFree is made for horses that have a history of ulcers, or get anxious easily. And it’s perfect for a broad range of equine.


Triple Crown StressFreeTM Forage

This highly palatable forage-based supplement keeps horses eating, even during stressful situations, such as traveling, shows, and competitions. ButiPEARLTM Z EQ helps guard against leaky gut and supports normal health and function while prebiotics and probiotics help promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms. Also includes flaxseed oil which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as L-carnitine amino acids, and essential peppermint oils.

“It’s something that can be soaked in water. So they stay hydrated,” Ackerman explained. “Triple Crown goes beyond to stay on top of the latest science when improving feed to ensure the needs of horses and horse owners are met.”

Coastal Proudly Carries Triple Crown Feed

Stop by your Northwest owned and operated Coastal today and get several bags of Triple Crown StressFree Forage for your next trip or horse event. It’ll keep them eating and help you worry a lot less about their well-being.

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