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Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: KEEN Utility Work Boots for Men and Women

April 24, 2021

When it comes to safety, technology, and fashion, KEEN Utility work boots are consistently some of our favorites at Coastal. We’ve put together a handful of reasons to add KEEN Utility to your workday, whether you’re facing the elements, looking for safety, striving for all-day comfort, or a combination of all three.

KEEN on the Job

For several years, KEEN Utility has been hard at work making better work boots for men and women. As they put it, they’re always striving to mingle performance with good old-fashioned grit. Slip-on a pair of KEEN Utility work boots and you’ll notice their attention to detail right away, including our best-sellers KEEN Utility San Jose waterproof boots, Flint II boots and mid boots, as well as the Pittsburgh waterproof steel toe work boots.

Check out the many work boot innovations available at Coastal.

KEEN Utility_Thumbnail_ReGen_Mobile 2.jpg


If you walk miles on the job or stand for hours, KEEN.ReGEN delivers all-day comfort with performance cushioning technology. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted from a work boot.


Lightweight Performance

KEEN Utility work boots are light and packed with performance upgrades that make them the perfect pair of boots.




Look for KEEN Utility work boots with KEEN.DRY and you’ll have found a pair of boots with a microporous structure that locks out water while letting sweat evaporate. It’s a great way to keep your feet cool yet dry.


Asymmetrical Safety Toes

The custom asymmetrical KEEN design protects your toes and provides a nice fit with plenty of comfort. Available with an aluminum, steel, and carbon-fiber toe.



KEEN Utility

Skilled trades professionals have enough to do and worry about during the day, so KEEN Utility went out of their way to design, develop, and deliver some of the best work boots anywhere. Available for men and women, many styles and options are available for every worker.



Boots for Women

KEEN Utility has taken a special interest in creating boots for hard-working women. These work boots have been Tradeswomen Tested and built for real work experiences across multiple trades and backgrounds.

Coastal Carries KEEN Utility

Your Northwest owned and operated Coastal has plenty of KEEN Utility work boots from men and women to choose from in sizes and styles for everyone. Choose the features you need for your workday and try on a pair or two. While you’re at the store, you’ll find aisles of socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long.