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Cascade Horse Maintenance Feed

November 16, 2019

Products We Love: Cascade Horse Bulk Feed

The folks over at Smucker Pelleting out of Harrisburg, Oregon know a thing or two about bulk feed. So when Coastal customers told us they wanted a horse bulk feed, we worked together to bring you Cascade Horse feed in 50 lbs. bags and up to 1,600 lbs. bulk bags. Here’s what’s in that feed and why it’s a product we love.

Over the years, the Smucker name has become synonymous with quality and value among livestock owners throughout Oregon’s Willamette Valley and beyond.

“It’s mostly been word of mouth. It’s just taken off,” Randy Smucker said when asked about his company’s success. “Most of our feed ingredients are local. We’re local. Our customers are local.”

And those are just a few of the reasons why Cascade Horse is a new equine-specific product at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal.

Cascade Horse Pellets are Packed with Goodness

Cascade Horse guarantees its product with protein, fiber, fat, and ash content that meets or beats the competition, and ingredients that are pure and simple. Ingredients include: alfalfa hay, oat flour, and oat hull pellets.

13% Crude Protein (not less than)
4% Crude Fat (not less than)
15% Crude Fiber (not more than)
7% Ash (not more than)

Why You Need Cascade Horse

This is a product designed for all ages and activity levels, from young athletic horses to older sedentary equine. A lot of horse owners are already singing their praises for Cascade Horse, saying it’s a staple added every day to their daily feed. It even works for laminitis prone horses that are carbohydrate sensitive.  

Coastal tip: use anywhere from 6 to 8 cups of Cascade Horse per horse per day.  

This is a Maintenance Feed

While horse owners already love this feed, it is just for maintenance and should not be fed as a sole ration. It does not include a vitamin and mineral pack. Quality forage, clean water, and sufficient minerals should always be available to your animal as well. Please consult with an animal nutrition specialist for proper feeding instructions, rations, and amounts.

Bulk Food for Cattle and Sheep Too!

Buy in bulk with feed for your cattle and sheep. Cascade Cattle & Sheep is another of the products we love at your local Coastal. Cascade Cattle & Sheep guarantees their product has the right mix of protein, fiber, fat, and ash content, available in bulk up to 1,600 lbs.  Please Note: This feed should not be fed to pregnant mares. Otherwise, it can also be fed to horses.

Available in Bulk and Bags

Got a one-ton pickup? When filled to the top with Cascade Cattle & Sheep or Cascade Horse bulk feed, the tote bags available at Coastal weigh 1,600 pounds. The folks at Coastal will load it onto your truck, trailer, or pickup for you. Once you get home, just use a tractor attachment or a forklift and start putting your bulk feed to good use.

Find Cascade Horse only at Coastal

We’ve got 50 lb. bags ready to go and can load up to 1,600 lbs. bags into your truck. Pick up several and see how this whole ingredient, livestock-smart feed can help supplement your horse’s daily regimen at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal.