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Product Spotlight

Exploring Wrangler Innovations

July 28, 2023

Since the invention of their Authentic Western Jeans, Wrangler has been named the heaviest denim ever made, the official brand of the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association (a distinction they still hold today), and a Coastal favorite. It’s not just the styles and ruggedness that make them so popular. Wrangler is also known for their denim and clothing innovations. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

InfinnaTM Fiber: Cotton is a wonderful fabric, but Wrangler wanted to think forward and recycle as much as possible. Infinna fiber has the durability and comfort of cotton, but it’s made from recycled textiles (old clothing). This new fiber reduces water usage and pollution.  

IndigoodTM Foam-Dyeing: To achieve that famous Wrangler blue (and other colors), you have to dye the fabric. Wrangler’s Indigood foam-dying process has changed the way clothing is dyed, using 100% less water. Plus, wastewater is almost eliminated, and the process uses 60% less energy than conventional dying systems. Way to go, Wrangler.

We Care Wrangler: The dyeing process at Wrangler is taken very seriously. The company strives to achieve a 90% reduction in freshwater use in dying jeans and other fabrics.

Weather Anything: These jeans feature a thermal-regulating technology built into the fabric. The hollow fibers in the fabric are designed to keep you comfortable in any weather by providing an air-insulation barrier.

Free-to-Stretch: Stretch denim is a wonderful invention that provides all-day comfort and added mobility, whether you’re gardening in the back yard or working on the jobsite.

Water-Resistant: A special Wrangler water-resistant invisible coating found on some jeans keeps you dry without adding weight or roughness to the denim. If you get splashed, no problem.

Find Wrangler Tech at Coastal

Whether you’re looking for a pair of rugged jeans for work or a nice shirt for a night on the town, Wrangler has you covered. You’ll find a full line of Wrangler fashions and functional clothing for work or play at Coastal. We’re just what the country needs.