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Product Spotlight

DeWalt Jobsite Pro Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

June 23, 2023

Listening to music or taking phone calls is tough when you’re on a jobsite. Sure, you can wear earbuds or headphones, but then you can’t hear what’s going on around you. That can be dangerous. DeWalt has created a lightweight, wearable solution that allows you to create your own personal, private sound bubble. Check out our review of the DeWalt Jobsite Pro Wearable Bluetooth Speaker with the Coastal crew.

Light on Weight, Heavy on Features

This Bluetooth speaker, which looks like a small CB radio handle, weighs less than a screwdriver at just 2 ounces. That makes it perfect to clip or magnetically attach to your work clothes, a hat, belt, or the sun visor in your rig. Or just use the magnet and affix it to a toolbox.

As for features, the DeWalt Jobsite Pro is packed with everything you need to enjoy your music, podcasts, or news. You can even take phone calls. Because there are only three buttons, you can control it while wearing gloves. The oval action button answers calls and pairs with your phone or other device. The plus (+) and minus (-) buttons work exactly as expected, adjusting volume and skipping tracks.

Built for Work

The rubber and plastic housing on the DeWalt Jobsite Pro is rugged enough to withstand any jobsite. You can drop it, toss it, and otherwise abuse it like any other DeWalt tool, and it’ll come back for more. Plus, it’s dust and water-resistant, rated IP56. If you and the speaker get sprayed with water, it won’t skip a beat.

Built for Safety

Jobsite safety is always a consideration. The DeWalt Jobsite Pro allows you to enjoy your audio and take calls while still taking in your surroundings. If someone is trying to get your attention, you’ll know it. That’s a good thing when there’s heavy machinery or power tools involved.

Special Magnet Attaches to Clothes

We told you this thing will attach anywhere with the one-handed clip or built-in magnet. But there’s also a clothing magnet so you can attach it to a shirt or jacket. Just detach the small magnet from the back of the device and place it behind your shirt and the DeWalt Jobsite Pro on the outside. This gives you an instant wearable speaker. If you lose one of the small, detachable magnets, don’t worry. It comes with a spare.

Quick Charge and Long Battery Life

Depending on what you’re playing, the DeWalt Jobsite Pro battery can last up to 10 hours. That’s a full workday in anyone’s book. The cable that comes with the device is built DeWalt tough to last for a good long time.

Bluetooth Convenience

As with any Bluetooth device, you can’t be miles away and still expect the speaker to work. But you can leave your phone nearby. No more carrying your smartphone in your pocket all day. And the DeWalt Jobsite Pro can pair with some other devices, depending on the class of Bluetooth being used.

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