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Canning Jars Aren’t Just for Pickles Anymore

March 22, 2019

Mason jars have been around since the mid-1800s. And while John Landis Mason probably didn’t have any craft ideas in mind as he perfected his invention, people have found plenty of Coastal worthy ways to use today’s Ball® mason jars. We found a few we thought you’d enjoy and could utilize in your own country lifestyle.

Over the years, we’ve covered the Quick History of Ball® Mason Jars, and shared recipes that pair perfectly with these wonderous containers, including Refrigerated Green Bean Dills and Strawberry Sauce. Remember, mason jars come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and volume capacity, so the sky really is the limit when it comes to their usefulness.

Here are some other great uses from folks throughout the region:


Pantry Organization: Mason jars are designed to store food safely, so why not use them in the pantry? Add some labels to the side and you’ll instantly see why they make the perfect pantry organization tool for baking supplies, spices, and a lot more.


Garage Storage: First, remove both parts of the lid from the jar. Now, drill a small hole in the removable portion of your mason jar lid. Then, mount the lid (with the metal ring or band attached) using a screw to the bottom of a shelf or workbench. The lid should be facing down with the threads accessible. Now, fill the mason jar up with nails or washers and then screw it to the lid that’s been securely put in place. Add a row of the garage jars and you’ll never have to search for the right washers or other small items ever again.

Decorations and Gifts

Decorations and Gifts: Just getting a set of mason canning jars is enough of a gift for some people. But if you want to add some extra sparkle to their lives or add some country flair to your home, you can use a mason jar to create a vase by painting the glass portion and metal band (remember to take out the removable portion of the lid). They also work as pencil holders, as bathroom accessories (for cotton swabs and toothbrushes), and as a way to carry knives, forks and spoons to your next outdoor picnic. Be sure to decorate your jars accordingly.

Potted plants

Potted Plants: Take out the removable part of the lid, paint the screw top and the rest of the jar, and you’ll have a wonderful, county planter. There isn’t any drainage in a mason jar, so be sure to add some rocks to the bottom of the jar before you add the soil and the plants.

Coastal Carries Mason Canning Jars

You’ll find Ball® mason jars and other canning supplies at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. We can even point you in the right direction to pick up some twine and rope to add even more country flair to your mason jar projects.