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Product Spotlight

10 Professions That Wear Scrubs

May 12, 2023

There are plenty of professions that wear a uniform, from police officers to firefighters, cheerleaders, chefs, pilots, lifeguards, paramedics, and lawyers. Scrubs, made from a combination of cotton, polyester, spandex, and/or rayon, are a type of uniform worn by medical professionals and others. To celebrate National Nurses Month, we’re taking a look at 10 professions that wear scrubs and why you should stop by Coastal to get a pair or two today.

Why Wear Scrubs

As a uniform, scrubs are a great choice. They are comfortable for long days on the job, easy to wear, fit everyone, come in several colors, and give you a professional look without the need for dry cleaning, ironing, or wearing a tie or high heels. That’s why scrubs have, over the last 50 years, become the go-to uniform for nearly everyone in the medical industry.

10 Scrub-Wearing Professions

Dentists and Dental Hygienists. Scrubs are great at minimizing the spread of germs and microorganisms. They provide a barrier between the patient and the medical professional. In a dental setting, scrubs also make everyone in the office look like a team.

Doctors and Nurses. Scrubs are synonymous with doctors and nurses. As a uniform, they make them all part of a well-respected team. The scrubs also offer some protection from germs and allow doctors and nurses the freedom to choose different colors and cuts/styles to show off their individuality and personal preferences.

Home Healthcare Worker. These professionals come to a person’s home to provide care and assistance. Scrubs offer some protection from germs, but also help patients and clients feel better about the person being in their home, reassuring them that they are being cared for by a professional.  

Janitors (medical). Scrubs help keep hospital and medical building workers safe from germs and more. Those cleaning the facilities need scrubs for that added bit of protection and comfort.

Massage Therapists. Scrubs help keep a massage therapist’s regular clothes free from oils. Plus, they give the therapists a professional look and offer a wide range of mobility.

Medical Technology Experts. These include MRI technicians and assistants, radiologists, phlebotomists, and more. Scrubs give these professionals protection from germs along with increased flexibility of movement and a team uniform that puts patients and clients at ease.

Orthodontists and Orthodontist Assistants. Similar to dental professionals, orthodontists deal with people’s mouths and teeth. Scrubs provide some protection from germs while making everyone in the office a clearly defined team.

Pharmacists. Scrubs keep these medical professionals comfortable all day. Plus, they help increase sanitation and minimize the spread of germs and microorganisms. 

Physical and Occupational Therapists. Helping people recover from injuries requires a wide range of movement. Scrubs provide that and more.

Veterinarians, Veterinarian Assistants, and Vet Technicians. Dogs, cats, cattle, and horses are part of the family too. Seeing a vet and their team wearing scrubs lets you know that they are medical professionals who take the health and well-being of your animals seriously. While some vets cannot wear scrubs for on-the-farm house calls, they will often wear them in the office.

Coastal Carries Scrubs

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