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Greta’s Goodies: Can-do Campfire S’mores

June 4, 2022

Some goodies are easier to make than others. Greta has a special campfire s’more technique that might be easier to make than it is to eat. All you need are some sugar-style waffle ice-cream cones, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham crackers, and your favorite chocolate-based candies or fruit, some tinfoil, and a campfire with plenty of hot coals.

About Substitutions

As with any recipe, it’s important to mix-and-mingle ingredients that work for your family’s dietary restrictions and needs. With today’s recipe, it’s easy to substitute carob chips for chocolate chips, or finely crushed nuts for graham crackers. And for marshmallows, try replacing them with a mixture of peanut butter and honey.




  • Sugar waffle cones
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Graham crackers (broken into small pieces)
  • Chocolate chips
  • Candy or fruit (or both)
  • Heavy-duty tinfoil



Start by filling the bottom of the cone with marshmallows and chocolate. Not too many, or you won’t have room for the rest of your yummy ingredients.  


Next, add your other candies, including fruit. Throw in some graham cracker bits as well.


Pack enough ingredients to fill the cone to the top.


Now, wrap your cone from top (the opening) to the bottom (the pointy end).


Be sure the whole cone is completely covered.


Place your wrapped cones into the campfire embers and start the countdown. Don’t leave them in the campfire for more than 5 minutes unless you like your cones extra crispy.


Using tongs, carefully remove the treats from the embers. Allow to cool for a minute or so before removing the tinfoil. Enjoy!

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