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Outdoors | June 28, 2020

Building a Canine Zip Line with Meg and Maverick

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Dogs love to go camping with their people. But keeping your pooch on a tie-out when you’re at camp often means untangling them from picnic tables, camping gear, and people – every 10 minutes. A canine zip line can be a fun and smart way to relax and give your four-legged best friend some freedom. Today Meg is going to show us how to set up a canine zip line with her dog Maverick.

Get Your Supplies

Coastal carries everything you need to build your canine zip line, including rope, carabiners, dog collars, corkscrew tie-downs, and dog harnesses. Meg is using a 50-Foot Tie-Out Trolley from Aspen Pet. This one is good for dogs up to 100 lbs. To make setup simple, she picked up two Easyturn Spiral Stakes. If there are plenty of trees in your campsite, they can be used as well.