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Outdoors | July 12, 2020

3 Ways to Build a Campfire

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One reason people love camping is the campfire. But building one can be a bit of a chore. The pros in our sporting and outdoor department shared some quick tips on building a crackling campfire. Then, we went and tried them out.

Play it Safe

Some areas don’t allow campfires unless they’re in designated fire pits. So, be sure to know the rules. Also, smother your campfire with water and dirt when you’re done. Nobody wants a wildfire.


Lighting Made Easy

When lighting a campfire, there are plenty of options including outdoor torches, fire starter logs, or an old-fashioned flint redesigned for the modern age. Coastal carries everything you need, including MEECO’s Red Devil® Gel Firestarter, MEECO’s SureStartTM Firelighting Squares of compressed wood and wax, MagTorch Self-lighting Torch Kits that use propane, the Stansport® Flint Fire Stick that generates 3,000º F sparks and works in most severe weather conditions, as well as the Scripto wind-resistant outdoor torch utility lighter.

The Pyramid

To build a pyramid, simply use unlit kindling to start the base and then pile sticks around that base in the shape of a pyramid. Once it goes going, you just add more wood. We used Firestarter gel to make lighting it quick and easy.


The Log Cabin

This is one of the basics. Start building your log cabin out of kindling, then place paper and fire-starting squares in the middle. Continue building it up and then light the inside. You’ll have a roaring fire in no time. These are great fires for cooking.


Kindling on Top

It might seem backward, but it really does work. First, lay some larger logs on the bottom and cover that with small bits of wood and kindling. Some fire-starter options might also be a smart idea. Then light it. As the kindling burns, it will ignite the logs below.


Once your fire gets going, don’t forget to add more wood periodically to keep it going.

Get Set for Camping at Coastal

Your Northwest owned and operated Coastal has a full line of camping and outdoor gear for your next adventure. Stop by and pick up everything you need, including first starters and long skewers for s’mores and hot dogs over the campfire.

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