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Top 10 Christmas Tree Tips

December 4, 2021

The centerpiece for most holiday decorations has to be the Christmas tree. Whether you’re into noble, spruce, cypress, or cedar, we have some tips to help you pick the right one for your home and how to keep it green until the end of the holidays.

Pick the Perfect Spot

Before you venture out to find your tree, decide where it will go in your home. For best results, avoid areas where sunlight could hit the tree, which can dry it out faster. Additionally, keep the tree away from heat sources to avoid the possibility of fire. Once you have a good spot for your tree, measure the maximum diameter and height for the location (don’t forget to leave some room for your tree topper).

Buy the Right Tree Stand

The taller your tree, the wider the trunk. Therefore, carefully pick a tree stand that is simple to adjust, allows you to water easily, and is large enough to hold the base of your Christmas tree.

Pack the Necessary Tools

Depending on how you plan to get your tree, you’ll likely need a tape measure (to stay withing your measurements), hand saw, gloves, and ratchet straps to load it to the top of your vehicle.

Pick the Perfect Tree

Before you go to a tree lot or venture out into the forest to get your tree, do some research. What kind of tree do you like? What look are you trying to achieve? Nobles are often easier to decorate, but there is something timeless about a spruce. Next, find a spot that has those types of trees. Many tree farms specialize in specific varieties.

Fresh is Best

You don’t want to take home a tree that’s already spent a week away from its roots. Start by looking at the needles. Avoid a tree with too many brown needles. To pick a fresh one, pull on a branch and shake it. If needles fall off, look for another tree.

Cut 1 Inch Off the Trunk

When you get home, trim at least 1 inch off the bottom. This will help the tree soak up all the water it needs to stay green for a longer period of time.

Make Alterations

Before you bring the tree into your home, cut off any unnecessary branches or trim back longer ones.

Protect Your Floor and Furniture

Trim open a garbage bag or use other plastic to add a protective layer between the floor and your tree stand. Of course, cover the plastic with a tree skirt.

Water Every Day (as needed)

A new tree can soak up a lot of water. During the first week, this could require filling up the tree stand twice a day or more. As the weeks pass by, you’ll water the tree far less.


Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or out in the country, there are plenty of non-profit organizations that recycle trees for a donation.

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