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Greta’s Goodies: Upcycling Plastic Gallon Milk Jugs

September 4, 2022

Inflation buster ideas can come from anywhere. This time, Greta shares some cost-effective ways to put a gallon jug to good use, including how to make a bird feeder.

Other Uses for a Milk Jug

Greta and her family use these plastic containers in many ways. Check out these options.

Garden start transplants: Cut the bottom of the jug off and fill it with soil. Use it to plant your starts. Use the top of the jug to create a greenhouse.

Watering can: Poke holes in the lid and use the gallon jug as a watering can. Plant drip tray: cut the bottom inch or two from a jug and place your potted plants in it to contain water overflow.

Game of catch: Cut the bottom off two one-gallon jugs. Hold a jug by the handle and use it in a game of catch. Use electrical tape to protect yourself from sharp edges.

Creating a Bird Feeder

Here’s what you’ll need:

One plastic gallon jug

Knife or scissors

Quarter-inch dowel or round stick

Twine, thread, or string



Remove the lid and poke two holes into the top. Run your string or twine through the lid and tie the string together. Then reattach the lid. This is how you will hang the feeder.

Next, cut an opening on all four sides of the jug. This is where birds will access the seed. The size of the opening will limit the size of birds that can visit your feeder. If you only want to attract smaller birds, keep your openings small. Finally, leave at least one to two inches of the bottom for the dowels and the seed.

Poke a hole below each of the openings. Then push your dowel or round stick through from one side to the other.


Fill the bottom with bird seed and hang it out for the birds.

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