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Gardening with Greta: December (A Year in Reflection)

December 5, 2020

The garden is a wonderful place to unwind and reconnect with nature. Over the past year, we’ve had the chance to chat with Greta and her family as they tend to their garden. We’ve learned about no-till gardening, apple harvesting, seed starts and so much more. Now it’s time for a month-to-month look back at Greta’s garden and how you can put her tips to work in your life.

Greta Started with a No-Till Garden

See the post here. This wonderful way of readying the soil for spring involves covering gardens with straw, cardboard, and mulch. The end result is less weeds and a soil ready for growing when the spring weather arrives.  


She Started Planting in February

See the post here. Greta and her helpful crew planted peas outside, got to work on their indoor veggie starts, cared for and planted their fruit trees, and prepared for spring.

Gardening with Greta - March-5.jpg

March Meant Strawberries and More

See the post here. Greta planted her new strawberry beds, recycled tree limbs and plant trimmings, planted carrots, added roses to boost her garden’s bounty, and started fertilizing.

GardeningwithGreta - April-11.jpg

Greta Plants Her Starts in the Garden

See the post here. In April, Greta and her family transplanted the seedlings they started in February to the garden, started their warm-season seeds, and added fertilizer to their blueberries.


Greta’s Garden Starts to Bloom

See the post here. In May, she checked the soil temperature before planting specific crops, planted more starts, protected those starts with diatomaceous earth, planted corn and no-dig potatoes, and we learned about companion planting for healthier harvests.


June was all about Strawberries and More

See the post here. Greta shared her freezer jam recipe, showed us how to properly trellis and prune tomatoes for a better harvest, how to fertilize corn, and thin apple trees.


Greta Shares Zucchini Tips

See the post here. We learned about careful watering, weeding, and netting a garden, how to know when blueberries are ready, how to get more from broccoli, and how to deal with too much zucchini with a special bread recipe.


Harvest Time in Greta’s Garden

See the post here. We were there when the potatoes were ready for harvest, learned about harvesting onions and celery, and what crops to plant for a fall and winter harvest.


Fall Harvest and Soil Preparation

See the post here. Greta and her family shared their fall harvest, including onions, tomatoes and potatoes. They also shared how to prepare the soil for the spring.


Apple Harvest Time

See the post here. In October, Greta harvested and stored apples for the coming winter months. She also planted garlic for a summer harvest, harvested carrots, prepped her flowerbeds, and shared tips on tidying up the garden. We were also lucky enough to see how Greta and her family turn their apples into gallons of yummy cider.


The Cycle Begins Again

See the post here. We were re-introduced to the no-till garden, harvesting winter crops, as well as cracking and drying walnuts.

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