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Coastal 101 | Home & Garden | August 31, 2017

Year-Round Lawn Care Tips (Part 3)

When you work on your lawn and see the results you want it can be very rewarding.  However, as the summer fades and fall turns to winter, that lawn will go dormant or even change color depending on where you live in the Pacific Northwest. Here are a few of the things you can do for your lawn this fall and winter to keep it protected and encourage a thick, green turf in the spring.


Sometime early in the month you’ll want to add a layer of turf builder and winter guard. These lawn foods kill weeds, rebuild roots, and fix damage done by the hot, summer sun. You’ll find bags of Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Weed and Feed at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal Farm & Ranch. Get enough to cover your lawn now and again in 6-8 weeks. You’ll want to use a spreader to get an even coating.

Mowing: You can start to mow your law a bit shorter as you prepare your lawn for the fall.


It’s time to add a second layer of turf builder and winter guard lawn food. This second layer will continue to build roots, kills weeds, and add longevity to your lawn.

Mowing: Keep your grass about 1-2 inches shorter than usual. You’ll want to keep it at this level until your grass goes dormant in early winter.

Watering: Depending on where you live, water only as needed. Most lawns in rainy areas will get enough water from precipitation. Colder climate lawns will go dormant sooner.


Fallen tree leaves do not insulate lawns. Instead, they keep the sunlight out and cause thinning and dead spots. So, as the leaves fall, get them off your lawn. Put those leaves into your composter. Your garden will thank you in the spring.

Mowing: Again, keep your grass about 1-2 inches shorter than usual until your lawn goes dormant. If your lawn grows year-round, only mow when it’s not too wet.

Clean Up: Once you’re done mowing and feeding your lawn for the year, it’s time to clean everything up and store it for winter. This is a great time to sharpen your lawn mower blade.


As winter sets in, try to limit traffic on your lawn. That includes humans, pets, and vehicles. The less that your lawn is trampled, the better it will look in the spring.

Snow/Ice Removal: If you get a lot of snow in the winter, be careful when you scrape or de-ice sidewalks and walkways next to your lawn. Salt can damage roots. Instead try a deicer with calcium chloride, which will melt the ice but won’t damage your lawn or other plants.

Lawn Care Starts at Coastal

Stop by your nearby Coastal Farm & Ranch for everything you need to maintain your lawn in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. You’ll find spreaders, turf builders, lawn food, fertilizers, rakes, mowers, a full line of Scotts lawn care products, and a host of knowledgeable folks who can help you grow the best lawn ever.

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