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Weed Killing 101

July 9, 2019

Sure, some weeds are nothing more than plants you don’t like. But by definition, weeds have no medical, material, or nutritional purpose. They’re a nuisance. Plus, they end up taking water from the plants you want to nourish. When you’re ready to eradicate weeds from your yard, garden, and property, you have several options.

Hands-On Weed Control

When you’re dealing with a small garden, hand-pulling weeds is a fun and easy chore. Coastal carries plenty of hand-shovels and other weed-pulling tools. But for a lot of folk with acres of land, pulling by hand just isn’t an option. That’s one of the many reasons herbicides were created.

What is an Herbicid

It’s a substance that kills weeds and other vegetation you want to eliminate. Some herbicides can safely pinpoint weeds amid other crops, while others will kill any plants it touches. These are called selective and non-selective herbicides. Selective herbicides kill weeds based on physical and physiological differences between crops and weeds. Depending on the weed killer, the spray will either destroy a weed or alter its ability to take in light and water, which will eventually kill it. Non-selective herbicides kill everything in their path.

Pets, Kids, and Safety

When using weed killers, it’s best to keep kids and pets out of the area after spraying. At least until the application is dry. While herbicides and weed killers are designed to eliminate weeds, they’re not exactly good for people to touch or breath. Common sense is the name of the game when it comes to chemicals of any kind.

Gly Star® Plus Glyphosate Herbicide

Non-Selective: kills a wide selection of weeds and woody brush

Available at Coastal

With the active ingredient of Glyphosate, Gly Star will eliminate weeds and grass from whole fields when applied correctly. Great for removing weeds and grass along fence lines, landscaping edges, building foundations, as well as gravel driveways and roads.

Weedmaster® Herbicide

Selective: only kills broadleaf weeds and brush in grass and crops

Available at Coastal

This herbicide targets 64 different biennial, annual, and perennial broadleaf weeds and brush for long-lasting control with two active ingredients called 2,4-D and Dicamba. Weedmaster is designed for pastures, rangeland, and grass including wheat, non-agricultural areas, forested areas, as well as vine crops.

Crossbow Herbicide

Non-Selective: kills anything green or woody

Available at Coastal

Blackberries, poison oak, thistle, and other broadleaf weeds don’t stand a change against Crossbow Herbicide. Using a combination of 2,4-D, Triclopyr, and Butoxyethyl Ester, Crossbow is the kill-all herbicide that makes it easy to clear land, pastures, roadsides, and non-crop areas. The manufacturer states that livestock, except for lactating dairy animals, can return to a grazing area once the application is dry.

Hot Max Big Max Propane Torch

Non-Selective/Selective: Depending on where you point the torch, weeds and plants perish

Available at Coastal

If you’re looking for a non-chemical option, this might be perfect for you. Using fire as a weed killer, the Hot Max burns everything in its path. Just hook up a propane tank, light it up, and point the end at anything you want removed from your yard, garden, driveway, or path.

Get Your Weed-Eliminating Supplies at Coastal

You’ll find a full line of sprayers and attachments for your farm and ranch rigs, along with plenty of tools and people who can show you how to dilute herbicides for best results. While you’re there, be sure to go home with all the fencing, feed, and footwear you need for your country lifestyle.

When using herbicides, or any chemicals, always refer to the manufacturer’s labels and instructions for proper and safe use.