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Country Lifestyle

Watching Their Lavender Farm Grow

August 16, 2020

Imagine for a moment, a field of lavender. Bees pollinating, butterflies flitting, and the sweet smell of country life permeating the air. For Pauline and Ben Weintraub, that experience is theirs to cherish every day as owners of Lacomb Lavender Farm in Lebanon, Oregon. We had a chance to chat with the couple and experience their love for lavender firsthand.  

Nestled in the central Willamette Valley, Lacomb Lavender Farm is the culmination of Pauline and Ben’s experiences working on farms in their younger days.

“Both of us grew up working on farms in the summer,” Pauline added when asked about their farming experience. “We both knew we wanted to live in the country and do some small operation farm.”

The couple, who are both registered nurses at the local hospital, working in the critical care unit and emergency room, searched for seven years to find the perfect piece of paradise. Two years ago, they found it. Before planting a single lavender bush, Pauline and Ben did their research.

“We went to lavender farms up in Sequim, Washington and even went to a lavender conference.”

They brought what they learned back home and started planted and planning. In the first year, they put 750 lavender plants into the ground.

“This year we did another 800 plants,” she said. “We’ll have 1,600 or so next year. That’s where we’re going to max out.”

So what’s the plan for all that lavender? The folks at Lacomb Lavender Farm are already coaxing essential oils out of the plants for diffusers, soaps, and candles. Dried arrangements are also part of the plan to bring relaxation and the wonders of lavender to people everywhere.


“We bought a big copper still to make essential oils,” Pauline smiled. “My goal is to eventually have a little festival out here in the summer, have live music, and farm tours.”

While the farm is taking up a fair amount of the couple’s time, they are eager to find the perfect balance between nursing and their lavender.

“We’re not looking to get rich or quit our jobs. We love what we do.”


When Pauline and Ben aren’t at work, or tending their lavender, they’re planning their next jet-set trip abroad and caring for their dog, cats, and the farm animals that came with the property, including four sheep and six pigs.

Coastal is the couple’s go-to location for fencing, boots, tools, and anything else their lavender farm needs.

“I love that Coastal is local,” Pauline added. “I find that people there know what they’re talking about and can help me.”


Learn more about Lacomb Lavender Farm at and on Instagram at #lacomblavenderfarm. And mark your calendar for Lavender Weekend 2021 in mid-July for u-cut fresh bundles, live music, refreshments, and plenty of selfie opportunities.