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Updating Your Home with a Fireplace Insert

October 23, 2022

There’s nothing like the ambiance and romance of a nice, wood-burning fireplace. Know what’s even better? Heating your home, saving money, and still enjoying that old-world charm. When you replace your old fireplace with a fireplace insert, you’ll likely see a reduction in your heating costs, feel more warmth, and you could even get an incentive for replacing an outdated, not-so-energy-efficient appliance. To understand the options, we spoke with our experts in the Coastal Hearth and Home Department.

Gas Fireplace Insert

If you have natural gas running to your home, then you’re a candidate for a gas fireplace insert. Once installed, all you’ll need to do is turn on your gas fireplace with a switch. Best of all, there is no ash, no cleanup needed, and the heat output can really help offset your primary furnace or be used to heat whole areas of your home.

Pellet Fireplace Insert

Want to reduce your heating costs? Replace your fireplace with a pellet fireplace insert. Bags of pellets can be very cost-effective, replacing 1.5 cords of wood with just a ton of pellets (50 of the 40 lb. bags). Check out our article Good Pellets Make Good Sense for more info on pellets and how well they can heat our home. Bottom line, they make far less ash than a typical wood stove, heat for a longer period, and cost less to operate.

Wood Fireplace Insert

Upgrading your current fireplace to an EPA-certified wood fireplace inset is another option. You’ll get to keep the crackle and ambiance of the traditional fireplace, but you’ll be getting more out of the wood you burn with today’s advanced combustion technologies.

Why Get an Insert?

Because the more you use an old, outdated fireplace the more you’re heating the outside air. That’s because a lot of the warmth you’re creating is going out the chimney, all because of inefficiencies.

Coastal tip: Utility and government change-out programs can help offset the cost of a fireplace insert in some regions. Check with your local utility and city government for programs in your area.  

How Long Does it Take to Install?

From the time you pick out your fireplace insert until the day your contractor or other professional installs it can often be about a week. The team at your local Coastal Hearth and Home Department will be able to give you a better estimate.

Coastal tip: In addition to measuring, take a few photos of your current fireplace from different angles before coming into your local Coastal. The pros in our Hearth and Home Department will be able to use those photos to help you pick the perfect insert.

Warm Up at Coastal

You’ll find a whole department dedicated to fireplace inserts, stoves, and more at your West Coast-owned and operated Coastal. Stop by today and discover new ways to keep your family warm and your finances happy this winter. While you’re there, ask about financing options available on today’s pellet, gas, and wood stoves.