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Country Lifestyle | Product Spotlight

Two Guys Improved the Belt Buckle 

May 5, 2017

We’ve all been out enjoying a night with friends when we frantically reach for our purse or wallet – checking to see if it’s still there. Most of the time it is. But let’s face it that scenario happens way too often. To solve that issue with style, two brothers invented the Wallet Buckle.

The Wallet Buckle is just as the name implies: it’s a normal-sized western buckle that serves as a wallet. Just attach the buckle to any belt, put it on, and slide your identification, and up to three credit cards into the side of the buckle. You can even put some cash in there. Your cards and cash will stay in place thanks to the company’s patented design.

Go Light

When you’re ready to buy the next round, you just reach down, place your index finger on the front of the buckle and slide your credit card or cash out with your thumb. No heavy purse, bag, or thick wallet to fight. And they go back in just as easy.

These Buckles are Pure Country

The company’s Kickstarter campaign raised around $45,000, which got Wallet Buckle off the ground. It also got the attention of the Today Show and Shark Tank. There are upwards of 200 different country flavors, from patriotic to country girl. Check them out at the company’s website, or stop by select Coastal Farm and Ranch locations.

Coastal Has Wallet Buckles in Stock

We’re proud to be carrying Wallet Buckles at our Albany, Eugene, Oregon City, and Woodburn stores with more to come. Stop by today to find the perfect belt and your new Wallet Buckle. While you’re there, check out our full line of work and fashion country clothing for men and women.